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5 Steps to Overcoming the Greatest Obstacle to Spiritual Awareness

Charles Bynum, Contributor

Waking Times

The Buddha famously said that the cause of suffering (dukkha) is clinging. In fact, it is the second of his Four Noble Truths. For most people this idea speaks to the things in our lives that we like and want to hold onto, and the things we do not like and we want to make go away. Read more

The 500 Year Old Map that Shatters the Official History of the Human Race

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Buck Rogers, Staff Writer

Waking Times

If conventional wisdom on the history of the human race is correct, then human civilization is not old enough, nor was it advanced enough, to account for many of the mysterious monolithic and archeological sites around the world. Places like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, the Bosnian Pyramids, and Adam’s Calendar in South Africa, beg the same question: if human civilization is supposedly not old enough to have created all of these sites, then who, or what, had the capacity to create so many elaborate structures around the globe? Read more

The Giza Pyramids – Unravelling the Mystery

The Giza Pyramids – Unravelling the Mystery

pyramids of giza

Robert Carson,
Waking Times

Over the course of my life (I am sixty-five) there have been many theories as to how the pyramids at Giza had been constructed. Most of those theories have been proffered by Egyptologists, but others outside of archaeology have also theorized as to how they were constructed. One of the most inspired and intriguing theories of recent times was put forward by Jean-Pierre Houdin some years ago. He maintained that a spiral ramp had been created within the Great Pyramid during its construction for the transportation of limestone blocks up to the upper levels of the structure. He had come to this conclusion after realising that most of the construction materials had to have been taken into the structure at a fairly low level, before being transported up to the higher levels. Read more

Out of Body and Near-Death Experiences May be Real Says Largest-Ever Study

Out of Body and Near-Death Experiences May be Real Says Largest-Ever Study

Near Death Out of BodyWaking Times

A team based in the UK has spent the last four years seeking out cardiac arrest patients to analyse their experiences, and found that almost 40 per cent of survivors described having some form of “awareness” at a time when they were declared clinically dead. Read more

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