Keir Martland (Chairman) read History at Cambridge University and now teaches History and Economics. His main academic interest is in the stateless mediaeval period.

Sean Gabb (Vice-Chairman) is the author of more than forty books and around a thousand essays and newspaper articles. He also appears on radio and television, and is a notable speaker at conferences and literary festivals in Britain, America, Europe, and Asia. Under the name Richard Blake, he has written eight historical novels for Hodder & Stoughton. These have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Slovak, Hungarian, Chinese and Indonesian. They have been praised by both The Daily Telegraph and The Morning Star. He has produced three further historical novels for Endeavour Press, and has written two horror novels for Caffeine Nights. Under his own name, he has written four novels. His other books are mainly about culture and politics. He also teaches, mostly at university level, though sometimes in schools and sixth form colleges. His first degree was in History. His PhD is in English History. From 2006 to 2017 he was Director of the Libertarian Alliance. He is now Director of the Centre for Ancient Studies. He lives in Kent with his wife and daughter.


Andy Duncan (Vice-Chairman) is a highly experienced financial trainer within investment banking, with past clients including JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, UBS, and Barclays, along with many other clients, such as the London Business School. He has worked in many parts of the world, including London, New York, Singapore, Frankfurt, Dubai, and Hong Kong.  He teaches a wide range of courses, such as Behavioural Finance, Traders’ Economics and Austrian Economics, Credit Products and Risk, Private Banking, Wealth Management, and Banking Regulation, and others. He has in the past also lectured on the ‘Certificate of Quantitative Finance’ program. Because of his educational background in  psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming – graduating from the University of Sheffield with a First – he has also executed many training courses in these, and related, areas. He is also a software developer and a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), with a particular interest in open source software, mobile development, science, FinTech, and educational applications. He has written two books for O’Reilly on open source programming. With this knowledge and background, plus a desire to combine finance, technology, and education, he is the CTO at FinLingo.Com, which provides online financial training services. He is also a podcaster and interviewer, having produced the ‘Sound Money’ show for Casey Research, worked as an interviewer and podcaster for GoldMoney, and produced the FinTales podcast for FinLing.Com. More recently, he has lectured at the Judge Business School at Cambridge University.


David Davis (Scientific Adviser) was a founder member of the former Libertarian Alliance in the 1970s. He read Biochemistry at Worcester College, Oxford. In his retirement, he informally teaches advanced mathematics, Latin, cosmology, and the sciences. He also restores scientific instruments.


Rt Revd Dr Andrew Linley (Chaplain) is a founding member of the Ludwig von Mises Centre UK. A Freeman of the City of London, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and an Honorary Academician of the Pontificia Accademía Tiberina, Rome, Andrew holds degrees and diplomas in theology, humanities, and music. His academic interests lie primarily in the fields of sacramental theology, liturgical practice, church music, and vesture. A member of GAFCON, the global fellowship of confessing Anglicans, he currently provides parish ministry within a Continuing Anglican church, and is also actively involved in freelance pastoral work. He is married and lives in London.


Ilija Dokmanovic (Universities Officer) is an Australian-American, originally born in Melbourne, but currently residing in Connecticut. He is a well-seasoned globe-trotter, having lived in the UK, Serbia, and the United States during his upbringing, giving him a unique perspective on global affairs and international relations. He is currently studying History, Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway, University of London, where he is also President of the RHUL Mises Society.


Jakub Jankowski is a Polish émigré, originally from Radomsko. He is currently studying Politics at Royal Holloway, London, where he is President of the Polish Society.


Andy Curzon is a regular attendee of Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Property and Freedom Society conference in Bodrum, Turkey, with a particular interest in law. He is also an experienced conference organiser, collaborating with others in the organisation of the 2013 ‘Intellectual Minds’ conference. The grandson of Peter Curzon, 3rd Viscount Scarsdale, his family seat is Kedleston Hall.


David Farrer (Scottish Spokesman) is a Chartered Secretary and has a BA (Hons) in Modern History and Economics. After living in London for many years where he worked as Finance Director and Company Secretary of an advertising agency, David subsequently returned to Scotland where he serves as treasurer of both the Tuesday Club and of the Wealthy Nation Institute. He is a member of the Mises Institute in the US as well as of Liberty International. Back home, David also belongs to the National Trust for Scotland, Historic Environment Scotland and the Edinburgh Photographic Society.