My response to the government consultation on “De-carbonizing Transport”

Last Friday, I sent in a just-in-time response to the UK government’s “consultation” on how to “de-carbonize transport.” Or, more simply put, to ban our cars – as quickly as they possibly can.

My response is a 56-page PDF. There’s a lot of detail in there, and some quite strong ideas. So I thought the best way would be simply to put it up on the Internet, and link to it. WordPress, though, had other ideas. It wouldn’t let me link to it, without actually embedding it. So, here it is:

Click to access respcon-200731.pdf


The British State enters the pornography business, in public

David Davis

There really is not a lot to add constructively to this. You may not of course view, let alone possess, images of your daughter’s or your 17-year-old wife’s private parts, although nobody will change your daughter’s nappies except you (and you even as a parent will have to get a Blauschein, and soon, so to do. It’s the logical extension of existing “laws.”)

But various people may view the said images, which they will forcibly obtain at airports, for your own safety of course.

Climate Change….Oh, I understand! It’s a religion!

David Davis

The effing greenazis have really coined it this time. Struck gold they have. I think this is a pre-April-1 windup but I cannot be sure…….Now, you can claim for unfair dismissal if your bosses (capitalist runningdogs and lackeys of the Boss Class, so they all are of course) are not sufficiently committed to fighting global warming. You cna get dosh off them, while even being fired so you can throw green custard at Peter Mandelson.

Just throw the green custard, love. We’ll hoover up after. (I think PM took it quite well though, the dear fellow.)

Leila Deen Plane Stupid Mandelson green custard video astonishingly dangerous people

Plays in Winamp: I haven’t checked anything else.

This is a   *.avi   of it.

Whatever you might think of The Prince of Darkness – and remember the “LTT” in 1997 – and there are those including commentators on this blog who would even like to have him as a dinner-guest, the “Plane Stupid” people fill me with at least as much anger and fear as do the ALF mob, and certainly far, far more than “radical Islamism” (whatever that repetitious double-positive might be.)

The Plane-Stupid-Nazis and ALF people are here, embedded among us by the activities of (non)-Universities and the State’s “national curriculum” – unlike “radical Islamists”, who are, er, not here: the former are also disguised as real people.

Mandelson, being a socialist, is institutionally-a-killer-of-people, even if he does not know it or believe it himself. That is what makes him what he is. Deen, on the other hand, thinks that she knows perfectly well what she believes and is doing: people who believe what she does _intend_ to kill human beings, actively, by their policies. Incidentally, her public media-relations-training is exemplary – she comes across as in charge of the whole proceedings, with the exception of a little girlish nervousness just after having greened-up Lord Mandy. (I had to laugh.) Really poised perfromance on the whole, and thus very dangerous to everyone in the coming times.

What an extraordinary, and somewhat cathartic, experience it is: watching mandelson and Deen, and by implication all their friends, and trying to imagine a scenario in which you share a planet with such ones.

Interestingly, if you go to Iceland on google Earth, you will find that its main airport has three runways. Just thought I’d mention it.

Oh, and Chicago O-Hare has at least four, as does Paris-Orly, and Schipol appears to have…..five. Hmmmm.

This is fun….it’s only had 4 views, so help the poor lady:-

And how about tihs one then, Miss Deen?

Heathrow Airport Third Runway: now watch how the Greenazis get (really really) nasty from now on.

They will. I bet you 3p.

David Davis

Guido has a pretty model doing her stuff (actually I think this is the better link) (so do we sometimes here) called Babz something or other, and who is supporting the plan.

The only thing Libertarians ought to be concerned about here is the property rights of the people – and there will be a number, inevitably – whose homes and land will be taken and who will have to be displaced. This is the only issue of importance.

All that the Greenazis are concerned about is that Britain, a land which they hate and want dead, for showing the up to be the hideous and obscene people-murderers which they are and have always been, should not be able to profit from what the next century’s people will all want to do.

I expect Tony Hollick will oppose me in the comments, on some jurisprudential pretext or other….if you do not, Tony, I take it all back!

The problem of London is that it’s in the probably least-bad place it could be. Imagine if it was in Birmingham, or Liverpool. Geography, mountains and landforms would be against it. Then imagine a slightly less police-statist Britain emerging from the recession.

The next problem is where do you put the seven or eight or ten airports that, Al Gore’s demise willing, it will need. If not that many, then which ones do you expand?

The only issue we should worry about is property rights. And that does NOT include “film” “stars” and “pop” “singers” who abuse the notion of personal property on purpse, because the MSM will let them get away with it, and they can afford expensive (lefty) lawyers. (Why are most lawyers socialists? Discuss.)