It will be like this all the time when we have gone, but only worse

That’s if we go now, as we are going to do.

David Davis

The strategy is twofold:-

(1) To discourage us from staying, possibly for decades, to help turn Iraq into something resembling a pre-postmodern pluralist democracy with functioning free Markets and free Institutions:

(2) To frighten, by blackmail (onw ought never to give in especially at the beginning) the population, so they will say to us “just bugger off, chaps, and maybe these lions will lie down with us lambs after all.”

One wonders just how !”Al-Quaeda” is allowed to continue to exist…

….If modern Western States have the ability to hack into people’s hard disks via the interwobbly thing, and read files thereupon, then how come they can’t, or I suspect  __/don’t/__ do the same to !”Al-Quaeda”, whatever that may be? All it would then take is a few SAS chaps, or the French Special Forces (france has more to lose in the long run and quicker) to deal with the buggers.


We, the West, and the Guardians of its Canon of civilisation, are up against vicious and dangerous people. Primarily, they don’t live in Iraq and they are not called !”Al-Quaeda”. Not really. They are here. Sean Gabb has labelled them “The Enemy Class”. And they are inveigling and using people like those called !”Al-Qaeda” as useful idiots. They are giveing their idiots all the support they can.

The battle is twofold. We have to expunge 100% of the Enemy Class’s ability to exert power and influence over Western Institutions of all kinds, and (possibly later but certainly now if they cause trouble) eliminate the catspaws. Catspaw-elimination  is like the Dambusters Raid, and shows the Enemy Class that whoever they are, wherever they go and whatever they do, we will come after their projects.

More control of the internet, coming soon to a computer near you…

David Davis

Look here chaps.

If Al-Quaeda (whatever they may be or have been) want to attack your interweb facilities – or whatever is being proposed by our dear leaders that said “Al-Quaeda” is doing – then WTF do you keep the characters whom you dub “Special Forces” for, eh?

If GCHQ (whatever and wherever that may now be) [and I quote here:-

Another new development will see the creation of a “cyber-forensics” team based at GCHQ, the Government’s eavesdropping centre in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

The Cyber Security Operations Centre will constantly monitor, analyse and counter cyber attacks as they happen.

Lord West said the terrorists’ capability to launch attacks was something he believed “will develop” in future.]

…then surely our spooks must know where the attack-droids are?

The problem, to me, looks like a setup for more control and surveillance of internet use by ordinary individuals in their offices and homes, not exactly a proposal to go out and get the buggers who  __may__  actually be attacking it.

What, pray, is the SAS for then?

Well, who would have thought it!

David Davis

“Sources” sat that the Police “believe” that “an Al Quaeda cell” was “days away from“…doing something a bit down south from this type writer here. Better install a few weaponised dustbins inside the Trafford, to be on the safe side….

Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. Who now can tell? 

I don’t watch the broadcast MSM “news” any more, finding it as I do rather sensationalised and unhelpful in discerning the truth of matters. But I expect this is all over it already. Gordon Brown and our MPs are sinking fast and need to be make to look big again, with some security-theatre: why? Because everybody slumped in front of their Idiots’ Lanterns has already totally forgotten whatever it was Carla Sarkozy and Michelle Obama were wearing at G20 – and how it was designed by Sarah Hobbsbawm on an inspiratory revelation from the Dear Leader Himself. (Her reward was to get to borrow a £9,000 bra, and only have to pay 10% of the price…)


Let us now play an informal little war game together:

Let’s pretend that there actually are (for there may be some) dudes out there, inflamed by certain pre-Rennaissance and amoral-barbarian beliefs, egged on by a number of “deeply-respected” mountebanks and pisstaking mysogynisticoNazi scumbags who stand to gain a lot out of the result, that the West is comprised of sub-human turds who have turned our faces from God, deliberately underdress their women and other sex-slaves, and thus surely deserve to die – as must be obvious to everyone.

Now are these dudes doing what they allegedly have just been doing  _because_  we have decided to assault the buggers in faraway countries who put them up to it? This is predicated upon the notion that the vast majority of adherents to these ideas want nothing at all to do with blood and gore and explosions – which is patently clear although none of them seem to want to come out and say so….

Or, would the said dude-droids be doing it anyway regardless,  _because_ certain “belief-systems” explicitly exhort that this is the right thing to do, and it’s fun to kill people you don’t know in very large numbers? I incline to the latter.

Thus, the “War on Terror” (a conflation of ideas substantively empty of meaning as we all agree) has been talked up as an excuse by the new ruling Enemy Class of the West, to introduce control of individuals’ lives more typical of those Police States which the detonating-buggers come from, than of a Classical liberal civilisation.

Look now. We here always, always get blown up by successive historical swarms of evil fat-heads, not because of what we have done to the afforesaid fat-heads at sometime or other, but  _because_ they are innately evil (“they just are”, as a British teenager would harrumph, inarticulately unable to acticulate exactly why) and can’t stand to be outshone by real civilisations: it happens to us all the time. It’s an occupational hazard of being right.

The fat-heads’ ultimate unimportance and actual destructiveness and negative value is threatening to them, for they would if made to operate as normal humans merely fade away and become sad meths-drinkers and hobos: deep down, in what passes for their hearts, they know fully that it is as I say. They are those who would be helped to a dignified death by concerned old ladies and retired, heavily-decorated wing-commanders.

We must just stop being so wimpish and accept the fact that if we want to be “The City Upon a Hill”, we shall continue to be attacked by those who still inhabit the cesspools.

Not only do they destroy our liberties in the name of safety against terrorism, but they can’t even do that properly.

David Davis

I become even more convinced of Sean Gabb’s broad thesis: that is to say, that the broad Moslem community in Europe has been “set up”, and “had”, by those who would use them as a stalking-horse to undermine English Liberty – and Liberties.

We in this nation have always been bombed and attacked by people who view individual creative thought and freedom with slightly less enthusiasm than we do. It is nothing new. When it happens, it is very sad, and irritating, and people get killed, often innocent ones. But it’s war, and shit happens in wars (that’s why we are against them unless it it unavoidable.)

So, some galumphing secret policeman seems to have been following a couple of naughty boys up North somewhere, and accidentally let the pages of his “dossier” get filmed…..

In using real (or imagined) threats as instances of the need to curtail people’s liberties yet further, the buggers can’t even observe basic precautions that would not have taxed the spooks of upper-West-Grombooliland – let alone a more serious outfit like the KGB or the Gestapo.

This is what comes of allowing the sinews and wires and electrical circuits and other essential hidden engineering, of the robot-body of a supposedly “great nation”, to fall under alien control.  Control by those half-educated gamma-minus semi-automata, which are the inevitable output of a polity that’s gone to sleep on the job. It’s our fault of course, as I keep saying: we should have stayed awake in 1945. Or earlier. And either got rid of the machinery they could pull the levers on, or else seen to it that the upcoming staff were of suitable ability and leanings.

I’m not saying this Quick fellow who has resigned is necessarily one of the afforesaid automata, but his boss the Interior Minister, certainly is.

Conspirary Theories, and fun.

David Davis

This blog here, already thinks that the Bombay terrorists thingy is a “false flag” operation.

Nah. I do not think so. I think the Islamists want to pull down India, like they are doing to Britain and the USA. India will be free and liberal if they are not careful and can’t stop this in time. And it has Nuclear Weapons (thank God…..for now… unless some other people get control of them.)

What do YOU think?

What do YOU think?

I think that a Islamic terrorist is wearing an orange band (even if he is), and whatever that is or may be, to make the gullible self-hating-Western media think that this is a “false-flag” operation, and that he is a Hindu whom the organisers have not properly dressed.

I do not think that the very clever Indians, in their government, if they had done such a plan, would allow an actor to go “on stage” while still yet “improperly dressed”. It is a simple matter of continuity. we used “girls” to check that sort of thing in the days when Hollywood made good fillums.

Here’s a fillum:-

CONSPIRACY THEORIES…the DT publishes a TOP-30 list, and thanks to ASI for

David Davis

I wondered whether to put this on, as I don’t want to encourage all the world’s odd-balls and obsessives to come here and clog up the comment-threads, getting in the way of all the ordinary normal people whom we want to turn cunningly into libertarians – – this is, of course, a conspiracy!

This conspiracy is so as to engineer a NEW WORLD ORDER!!!! (where there are no socialists, other types of Nazi, State-Bureaucrats of any sort at all, “Big-Charities”, Quangos, “student union officers” in titular charge of anything whatever, “parking attendants”, “taxpayer service offices”, artificial policemen, and the like.)

But if the Adam Smith Institute thinks it’s worth a quick post, then I guess that’s all right.

I have to admit I didn’t know about at least 30% of these. Perhaps I don’t live in London.