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Libertarian Alliance Showcase Publication no-15: Admiration or Envy: The American Dilemma

David Davis


More about Mark Steyn today.

David Davis

Go here. This is the National Post on the continuing supression of any pro-Western comment in Canada, which is being conducted, sadly, by supposed Canadians. What an absloute bummer that is, eh? You’d think that Canada has been invaded and occupied by a FOREIGN POWER, form the way these gestapo sondergerichte are behaving.

I’m really not sure what the Libertarian Alliance can do about this, except report it from time to time. Free speech and freedom of publication in Canada will be degraded a little more than it has been already. 

I guess that if people like us were what Stalin called “serious”, we would all buy return tickets on Amerian Airlines, then we would NOT cause the planes to fly into the CHRC building, we would shoot the “complainants” , we would then “claim responsibility”, and we would fly home in triumph. But I guess this will not be.

But I guess we are not “serious”. We just think freedom is important, and what is it worth without life? If you are dead, the concept of individual freedom is imaginary.

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