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How many Vietnams do the Enemy Class want to inflict?

On us, the West?

David Davis

I was always afraid this was going to happen, and now it has. We ultimately lost in Vietnam because our morale was sapped by the fathers and mothers of today’s Enemy Class at home. Even in short preventive cauterisations and dictatorectomies, such as Gulf-I and Gulf-II ought to have been, the well-orchestrated and articulate chorus of negativity, based as it was and is on our supposed non-socialist failings as a society rather than on how much better we are than our enemies, took centre-stage.

Today, we don’t even have for this the excuse of Enemy Foreign Powers paying people in our midst to say these things. Organisations like the Grauniad and the BBC would willingly badmouth Western Civilisation for nothing. Sometimes I despair.

As a libertarian, I’m not supposed to be in favour of wars, I suppose. I’m not, but in the end, if enemies of liberty ask for war, we ought to give it to them.