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The ultimate fake charity

David Davis

I give you…..the RSPCA!

Their “operatives” even wear paramilitary uniforms.

RSPCA: a truly fake charity?

Michael Winning

A day or so ago we put up a rather frightening pic of some RSPCA “officers” Paramilitary People, which got some comments.

Now I find theres lots of people upset with and aghast at the RSPCA, some of them write over here. I didn’t know that, I thought I was the only one, and a pariah.

The comments say about some other places containing browned-off folks who lament the turnning of this once-useful org into what its become. It does not seem a very libertitarian organisatin.

Nice lady, so sh****le, such a shame she’s gone to the bad.

Not by me of course, for I am a married man. I just lie back and think of England imagine what it is like, these days. I merely weep for all you lot out there.

David Davis

When the planet cools some more, and the French have stopped building nuclear power stations as it will be too cold for the concrete to set properly, she will be sorry.

I mean, who cares these days, whether anyone wears fur or not? this was the 1980s hippy anti-Western thingy. They’ve moved ontl golbal warming, I thought. And anyway, it’s just animals. We eat them for goodness sake as it’s our job – what is worse? Eating them, or wearing them for a bit longer until they go musty?

Silly little young woman. There would have been more exciting ways of showing off your (quite nice, although I suspect you are too tall for a woman – I like quite short women best) body. These ways would do less damage to ordinary human beings – such as on Page 3 –  and please more guys, and would make you more popular and better known. You could become a banker, even if you did not marry a sensible South London Plasterer first. Go instead and get a life as banker or something else equally useful, like mobile gardening services.

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