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This is rather important.

David Davis

I have been going on about it for years, privately.¬† Everybody (nearly) to whom I mention this thinks I am a deranged cretin. Never mind: that’s life, and then you die after it.

The risk of an asteroid collision is of course, in National Lottery terms, astonishingly small, but integrated over many centuries and millennia, it is uncomfortably large. If Liberty of the human individual means anything  significant, then it means that there have to be human individuals around to enjoy the sort of liberty, informed and also protected by the twin pillars of Science and Christianity (Gramsco-Marxianism, being an enemy of both, can go hang and take advice about foreign travel and procreation simultaneously) in which we РGramsco-Marxians notwithstanding Рlive now.

The info that the UN is involved is very very very bad news. This outift has morphed, from loftily-moral and essentially good beginings, into an evil, wicked and anti-human organisation, peopled by dictators, and paid for by classical liberals: its only purposes are to keep Robert Mugabe in power, to promote slavery in the teeth of the Navy who try eternally to abolish it, to deify “Al” “Gore”, who makes disinformation-movies about “climate” “change”, and to authorise the slaughter of the South Sudanese by others. there may be other crimes that I will lay at its door later tonight, when I have devilled a bit more.

But something has to be done about a strategic asteroid defence shield. We can’t leave the matter to chance, such that the Universe could be, after all…..ending its life…..empty of life. Corporeal death cannot be the End of All Things, if we work at it.


Small asteroid to hit Sudan (good)…hope it hits sodding Government House and not some poor-people.

David Davis

Might f*** some sense into that government of its. Tipped off by Samizdata just now, I am looking for real footage if possible….perhaps someone has some:-

Libertarians ought not only to be unhappy that this object has only just been spotted, er, like yesterday, but that private space research and exploration is still so costly. We already know that we can’t trust governments to get off their arses and devote the right sort of time and energy to this problem. Instead of forcing people like banks to spend so much thought and effort to getting round financial regulations and government-engineered-market-destruction, could they not just pack up and bog off, so that money can be lent to entrepreneurs who might find a solution?