PIRACY: big discussion going on at Defencetech

David Davis

Isn’t it nice NOT to have to talk about the BNP membership list any more! Lancaster Unity is miking it for all it’s worth. I guess they have “nothing useful to say about anything”, as Duncan Money said about me, in his comment on this posting. (Of ours.) We’ll send you some traffic, Duncan, old chap, there you are, we’ll paternalistically toss you a penny as we pass.

But if you go here, hat-tipped by Samizdata, it’s quite illuminating what people think and why nothing much apprears to be being done. It’s a “Human Rights” problem, apparently. Hmmmmm…………..

Pirates are a problem, caused by Global Climate Change. If you go there, then you will see why. The “precautionary principle” of course shows why we really all ought to reduce our “carbon footprint”, and only burn chicken shit, in order to eliminate piracy.

As Auberon Waugh would say: “I am not suggesting that we should all shoot all pirates on sight, but it may help to reducde the problem”.

Douglas Alexander (who?) thinks Zanulieborg can win the next election, but the comment thread is very instructive.

…and make sure you read the comments too! There will be a short written test later….

David Davis

A Mr Douglas Alexander has written some stuff in the QuislingGraph today. It’s quite interesting how the supertanker changes course slowly, but change course it does. This is not the first such paean of praise to Obama and generalised socialism I’ve seen in that rag recently.

For Libertarians, whoever wins (unless it’s the LPUK, or, at a remote pinch, UKIP) the result of the next British general Election is rather academic. Even if Diddy-Dave-the Cameroon gets in (sightly less improbable than the LPUK, sadly) little or nothing is going to be done to address the real, structurally-political problems that a nation faces. These are such as a government that does too many unnecessary things, very badly, and mostly with menaces: and supported by a carcinogenically-enlarged clientariat bureaucracy which depends on the same government for the filling of its dinner-pail with pig-swill, paid for by others – voting automatcally for it in return.

Really the short and medium-term prospects for liberty in the UK in particular, and in the West in general, are not good. As one gets older, the contemplation of revolution fills one increasingly with horror – although it is not easy to see what else could be done now. If Auberon Waugh had been alive today, I doubt not that he’d have trenchant views on the problem. He correctly identified certain trends many years ago, such as his adumbration, presciently, of the “Police Terror” – this and other material even in the golden days, when we foolishly all thought that all was for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

Auberon Waugh would say: “I do not suggest that we all raid the Town Halls, drag all anti-smoking-coordination-of-delivery-and-outreach-workers into the street and beat them to death right away, but…”

What the left hysterically refers to as “High-Traffic Right Wing Blogs” are what they are because people are upset and angry. Moreover, it is transparently obvious that those who write them are not spinning lines but tyring to articulate what real people really feel about this nation and what’s been done to it. It’s not clear that many opposing blogs are doing the same thing: they have to rely on “rebuttal”….why? Discuss!

9/11 … JO MOORE, poor sad deluded Stalinist woman … “a good day to bury bad news”

David Davis

I stick my knife in her chest here. With a sad and terrible joy, I watch her fall as she thinks of the dead people in the Twin Towers, whom she has used for her philosophy. (I can be a cruel man, when I put my mind forcibly to it, but it’s hard to look her in the eye while my arm moves.) I know that she never used the above well-hackneyed-phrase herself – she said in her notorious email …  “It’s now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury” …

But the taste remains. In the end, career-socialists, who have done no proper work in their lives (read her wiki biog on the link) are all like the butchering murderer-thinker and death-eater Pol Pot, who epitomized the logical conclusion of their existence.

They will all have to go. Google the Udenopticon. (It’s here somewher on this blog.) Jo Moore is probably too old to be killed and eaten for stealing the last ants-eggs that the rummaging seagulls didn’t shit on, until the rest of the thieving stalinist buggers, marooned with her, are desperate.

The Udenopticon

David Davis

In a Libertarian World, it would be nice if everybody “bought into the vision”. We don’t like conflict really, no not at all, for we’d love it if everybody really really wanted to be free, and understood what that meant.

I wonder, tormentedly in the night, often, what to do with people who devise Nazi (which is exclusively to say, leftist) schemes? Such as these:

For example, that of enlisting children to snoop and snitch anonymously to British Local Council Soviet bureauNazis, about the activites of other citizens…

Or, indeed, the closely similar kinds of people, motivated by the same Utopian horror-world, who used to throw dead and even still-living individuals of “unpopular minorities” into incinerators, by the million, “recycling” their clothes, shoes, tooth fillings, spectacle lenses, and the like. (The skull burns last – apparently bluish-green flames burst out of the optic-nerve cavity at the back of the eye socket, and from the nasal cavities. God only knows how anyone knew this disgustingly disturbing fact about what lefties and other minor types of Nazi do to otherwise-living people, but I suspect the “experiment” was “conducted” somewhere.

We must never, never forget that, in combating leftism in its many hydra-headed forms such as the lies about global warming, we are trying to deal with deeply-and-unimaginably-disgusting, and thoroughly corrupted individuals here. Much, much worse, in terms of the industrial repressing and killing power that, through corrupting science and progress, they can bring to bear.

We have to know what we are going to do with these people, since we can’t just kill them out of hand, as we will thence descend to their moral level.

Like Polly Toynbee, for example. I offer her as a Gramscian monster which you would all recognize, in a hurry. I do not, here on this blog as you also know, aspire to be able to describe her, or people such as Hitler, Al Gore, Castro, Pol Pot, the Sendero-Lumonoso, Ed Balls, Saddam Hussein, Darleko-Ahmadinner-jacket (or-whatever) (and others) and Stalin in the colourful and deeply-Saxon language that you will be pleased to see on Devil’s Kitchen, for example. Furthermore, The Devil can do it so much better than I – but you all understand that the Hegelio-Toynbee-ian here is viewed as a powerful and not-to-be-underestimated Servant of the Devil (not ours – the real one) who ought to be approached with respect, and with quantities of very, very dry gunpowder.

Enough about the monsters. Here’s what to do with them. It’s only a partial solution I am afraid, for now: we have to stop them from coming into the world, but that’s stage 2.

For now, I’m afraid that in the end, we shan’t catch the biggies as they will I expect, like Himmler, all take cyanide on the day. But the minions, such as “Chief Executives of Metropolitan Councils”, and “Covert-Human-Intelligence-Co-ordinators” can’t all be forced to die, as there are staggeringly large numbers of them, and we are “not that kind of a people” to make them do so.

We shall have to demonstrate “Justice Tempered With Mercy”. This is what we will do. I got the idea from the late great Auberon Waugh, in the Spectator about 12 years ago. He was a great liberal.

St Kilda is a currently uninhabited (except for a small military base) set of rocky, mountainous Islands, some way off the north west of the Outer Hebrides of the north of the UK. There is nothing much left there, since the last inhabitants were voluntarily evacuated about 80 years ago. Or, we could use Boreray, on the southern tip of the Hebrides, as its cliffs are higher.

Prisoners are taken to the island, whichever one it may be, to serve their sentence. It is a specified number of days, which may be many, many thousands, for “Council Chief executives”, or for Ken Livingstone who has done so much damage, or for someone like Hugo Chavez who ought to know better. This is important. This service is also expensive to service as you will see, but the cost-per-prisoner is low, and the objective is reform and not necessarily “death-of-prisoner”. There is no shelter at all, and this is deliberate: no materials that can easily be used except what is washed up by shipwrecks. They have to warm each other in the winter, and in storms in the summer which may even be worse, it will teach them some things.

There are, importantly, no tools. None.


There are three heavily-armed men, who play cards, computer games and have a broadband connection, to view pron, play games, and amuse themselves. They are very, very, very highly paid, about £170,000 a year each, or maybe more if they can accrue the sorts of bonuses to be paid to bankers in 2010/11/12 I predict: more than the PM, and serve for 7 days at a time only every four to six weeks (so they can have a life) as there is no alcohol permitted to be landed on the island at all: not even for them. They guard the bottom of the 750-foot pulley system from the 20-foot landing stage, to the plateau of the island. Their salaries cost us about £3.2 million a year, plus the bonuses that I predict will arrive in a few years, but it’s cheap at the price; and servicing them is only another £10-£15 million or so generously.)

The new prisoner is landed and is winched up, willingly or no.

At the end of a sentence, the prisoner’s name is called by megaphone from the shore-station, for three days in a row, at an agreed time in the early dawn. That’s it.

NO watched or clocks of any sort are permitted on the Island, above the shorestation. The lefties also will not be permitted to fabricate any, and will have to work the time and date out for themselves, all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for ever, while they commit crimes against humanity – that is only a little part of the cost of opposing reason. SAS patrols will arrive randomly in the night, and destroy any timekeeping devices like rocks with marks scratched upon their surfaces.

Those who do not learn from history shall be condemned to repeat it. Properly, from the beginning, like a detention – is not that what detentions are for?

There are no pencils or pens.

If it is stormy and windy, then that’s “due to climate change” and is the prisoner’s problem. (She/he ought to have been keeping a record, but we do NOT provide pencils as these are not “natural”, and scratching on stones is prohibitable by the SAS as explained. If she/(he) does not come down, then the daily food rations sent up are deducted by one person’s amount.

If the particular prisoner who has been called does not come down, after three days, then rations sent up thereafter are deducted by the amount of one prisoner, who is assumed to be dead or hasperhaps been eaten.

If a new prisoner is “sent up”, then rations are adjusted accordingly.

I would not like it if they had to eat each other, but then I am a human being and these people who we are trying to “re-educate” are not humans for the time being, because they chose to sunder themselves, theirs and their lives from the rest of humanity, by force and power. Sorry, that was bad and will be poorly-received by other libertarians – but I an annoyed with leftoNazis today. They want to destroy the world, and I don’t think they ought to be allowed to, for most people like it as it is, with Coca-Cola, MacDonald’s, voting, electricity, running water, medicines and stuff.