Is a British Libertarian a Fabian-turned-upside-down?

David Davis

I’ve been heavily criticized from time to time by people that ought to know better, for inventing the word “GramscoFabiaNazi”. However, google seems to hit it nearly 5,000 times, an increasing proportion of which are not things I wrote.

Earlier today I came across this piece. British Libertarians like constructing “Think Tanks” and indeed it seems the Fabian Society was to be seen as one of these by its members: although a later objective was to hijack and farm the political franchise of (initially) the “Working Classes” later to be followed by everyone else.

The strategy of telling people what they ought to want, then making them want it, seems to have worked for the Fabianazis. Sometimes I have a go at, for example, shopkeepers. Often a shop till is busy with a shambling chav in pink pyjamas and with a “Fazackerley Facelift”…”yeh…and can I have 20 Embassy…..and can I have 10 rollups…..and can I have £10 on the lecky (another 40 seconds gone)…and can I have £5 on the gas….(40 more seconds)…oh and can I have a  strawberry wkd…and the Daily Star…..(then goes back and gets 2 litres of cider)….(is that it luv? Er….yeh……”) But if there’s nobody waiting I sometimes try things like:-

“YOU PEOPLE…ought to not want to be told what to sell, and to whom!” I refer here to local CouncillorNazi bullying, and legal strictures about such as tobacco and alcohol.

“IF ALL YOU SHOPS…had risen up as one, and instantly shouted “f*** off”, to the Gubblentment about “minimum pricing for alcohol units”, then you wouldn’t be forced to Continue reading

That’s the spirit!

David Davis

41%/vol beer….well I’ll believe it when I see it drink it, but that’s the real thing.

I shall be researching how to do this stuff, for when the State clamps down in prohibition, upon you all. Soon, I will publish a general guide to brewing and distilling. On the other hand, perhaps I won’t include distilling information, as it’s technically illegal…

We’ll try and say a few things over Chrstmas…

But don’t worry if we’re a little tight (I meant “light”.)

David Davis

Photos of interesting and exciting snowmen, if they have a libertarian air about them, may be put before you. I haven’t seen a snowGordonBrown yet, or a snowCameron, but if one comes up I will tell you about it. Mark Stein did a snowGeorge Bush about 8 years ago.

The problem of what to do with fully-corrupted-humans, after victory

David Davis

Mr Eugenides fulminates suitably in his inimitable style, the loss to the world of which would be inestimable.

I am not clear to what level “antidrinkism” has seeped corrosively into the minds of the Enemy Class, and more especially and importantly, I guess, into the minds of “leisure industry workers”. Such as barmaids and the like.This sort fo stuff is just a symptom anyway of something much deeper and more purposefully-malevolent.

But, whether or not there will ever be a Libertarian civilisation or nation, let alone such a government as I opined before, suppose there was:

Let’s suppose we have something approaching what CountingCats sort-of-agrees is currently unachievable – a State in which broad libertarian principles inform its actions as a State, and in which a narrow majority tries to behave as if we can all do what we wish with our bodies and so on. What then do we do with an essentially rebellious, vindictive, contrarian and mutinous rentamob of ex-stooges and ex-State-nannies, forever carping on about their hard-done-byness, their righteousness and the injustice of it all, since everybody’s health is going to the dogs unless they get their way?

What is to be done with these people? We can’t let them anywhere near any sort of political power or influence: they would simply re-erect all the stuff we are trying to trash. But to be able to do that, we’d have to compulsorily reduce their circumstances in some economic way also. Perhaps some particularly invasive and highly-retrospective tax investigations would do, or something to do with their googling habits for the past 400 years.

As I get older, and see the deepness of the engrainment in GramscoFabiaNazis of their habit of never apologising and never admitting error (admirable and essential qualities in libertarians of course) I wonder how we can eliminate their threat to humanity permanently without emulating their methods, and I’d like suggestions please.

So that’s curtains for pubs then.

David Davis

“More than 200 MPs” are backing a campaign to……”

…where have we heard all that self-regarding tripe before? When will the goverNazis realise that, not only have we all realised that what they touch (or regulate) turns to dust and ashes, but that we are fast realising that they are doing it on purpose?

Measures to save the “Great British Pub”, as outlined by The Libertarian Alliance:-

(1) Abolish (ideally) all Excise Duty on alcoholic drinks:

(2) Allow __Publicans__ to dictate whether or not they individually want to allow “smoking”, lap-dancers, food, strippers, “Ladies of the Night”,  football screens, children, music etc, in their own premises:

(3) Abolish ALL drink-driving/alcohol-blood-level legislation, and impose astonishingly large fines and/or prison sentences for injuring or killing someone while drunk in charge of a vehicle:

(4) Stop conflating deaths of drunk pedestrians into “drink-drive-deaths”:

You can’t do it by making “supermarket lager” more expensive. People who buy this won’t go to pubs anyway. Let Pubs make themselves more attractive and individual, remove the disabilities of mostly responsible drivers and smokers and enjoyers of social activity in groups, such as watching lap-dancers, eating burgers and chips, bear-bating and the like, and pubs will recover.