Toby Young speaks sense about “Big Brother”

David Davis

Here you go.

I don’t think there’d be such a thing a a Libertarian State Broadcasting channel. The BBC would have to go first anyway, as punishment: then, we might take a look and see, but I doubt that we’d institute another similar thing.

But if there was, it would probably not do stuff like “BB”, whatever that might be. If something like “BB” was produced on commercial channels (“BB” may be an ITV programme for all I know – I have no clue either way) then there may be room for it, but I expect that with the rapid spread of liberal classical education such offerings of ritual public humiliation [I have just been advised by a student what “BB” is] would disappear fairly fast, like in about five years.

The problem is that, if data can be collected in theory, then BuroNazis say they MUST be collected in practice

David Davis

It cannot be relevant to anyone, even the Big GramscoNazi State, what make, colour or type of car teachers drive. Or what anybody else drives for that matter***. All this proves is that the purposefully-wicked masters within the Enemy Class, having already achieved their objective of creating a Police State in the United Kingdom, view “data”, and all “data”, regardless of what kind, as their property.

I believe that the files of the Third Reich, had they all been captured and scientifically opened and analysed, would have dwarfed even those which were actually found.The situation regarding the KGB, or Cuba, or North Korea, or i predict the UK in decades to come if we should be able to liberate ourselves (nobody else will, for sure) will not turn out to be very different.

The Stasi of East Germany, being the substantive Legatee of the various R3 “security services”, consisted of 16% of the population of that benighted land, spying upon and capturing “product” about the other 84%.

***Anyway, I thought that the DVLA already has this on file?

“All your data they belong to us”.

The most famous person in the world…..

…..has died. It was expected, it was inevitable, it was sad. I guess Obama might have deigned to say something, but he didn’t.

David Davis

But it “reverberates across the nation“. Thank you Max Clifford. I blame “Princess” “Diana” personally. It was ‘er wott dunn it, with MI5 and Prince Philip.

The ephemeral mass-media-elevation of temporary human objects of interest, to the status of Semi-Divine Beings, is not something I think would play very well in a libertarian society, if and when one comes about. We are all individuals, and poor Jade Goody’s sad death is really, and ought to be, a private tragedy that involves her family and friends, of whom it is pleasing to note that she has some.

The fact that this elevation takes place is imho related to the purposeful degrading of education of – and thus the reach of comprehension and horizons of – people, by ZanuLieBorg (UK-subdivision of Gramsco-FabiaNazi stultification-programme number 2/b.)

What Mark Steyn (who he?) called a few years ago on the Diana thingy “the forced collectivisation of grieving” was, is and will continue to be, harmful to individual liberty.

Jade Goody’s sad end is no more or less deserving of sorrow than mine, or yours, or Chris Tame’s who died three years ago on 20th March 2006.

And here’s the sinking brown, doing his bit:-

Prime Minister Gordon Brown led the tributes among public figures.

He said: “I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Jade Goody’s death.

“She was a courageous woman both in life and death and the whole country have admired her determination to provide a bright future for her children.”

That’s fine about her children: they are innocent, and in the same sad position as any who have suddenly lost one or both parents at a young age. But it’s just not “tasty” that it should be the state’s business, even a “libertarian state”, to comment on individual tragedies.


so I guess “Jack Tweed” has now had hhis 15 minutes of fame, and willhave to go back in chokey then?

It was utterly obvious that there was a smelly rat behind it…

UPDATE:- Samizdata have noticed it too.

…amd here it is, less than 48 hours after the first hint. There’s no shame or dissembling any more.

David Davis

The other day we remarked on “all travel plans to be logged”, and noted that they had to be depositied in advance. Of course, this was to check what the buggers might be able to relieve you of, before letting you out. Welsome to Zim-Britwe.

I wonder when it will be a crime to publicly notice stuff like this, and draw the attention of thrid parties to it. Soon I guess.

It’s simply non-credible that real living human beings are dreaming up stuff like this, in an English-tradition Political Space. Either the repression-machine has taken on a life of its own, and is running in automaton mode, or else there really are some very wicked human beings inside the State.

Driver stopped by police for laughing

David Davis

They’re going to lose the general Election (unless they can rig it or cancel it) so now the gloves are off properly. Now, “Laughing behind the wheel can be an offence”.

I don’t think there’s any pretence any more that the level of civil society which we took centuries to evolve, sometimes painfully, is disappearing.

The Police are behaving openly like an occupying army, now turning to prosecuting laughing-gas-emissions. They are ideologically aided and abetted by the GreeNazis, whose job is to make the visibly-unpoliced part of your life as uncomfortable, painful and short as possible. They want you to freeze in the dark, have natural childbirth, eat muddy stunted “organic” food (no meat allowed) grown “locally” under periodic famine conditions and boiled without salt, walk everywhere, and have no internet or antibiotics.

It  _has to_  be wondered: what kind of person wants to do one of these jobs? A policeman in Blair-Brown’s open prison, or a GreeNazi-quangocrat imposing Gramsco-Marxianism on your fellow men – but not, ostensibly, yourself and yours.

I have no clue what the motivation could be to want to do this.

Jade Goody, “Jack Tweed”, cancer and slebs. What has become of us as a civilisation?

David Davis

I swore not to write about Jade Goody. Honestly, I did – whether she was dead or alive.

For foreign readers – of whom there may now be many, I cannot count – Jade Goody is a person who appeared, a few (I can’t remember how many) years ago, on a thing called “Big Brother” (I don’t expect you people in proper countries have that on your Wireless Tele Visions: only we do, as this is ZanuLieBorgLand and the thing is designed as a deliberate neo-Utopian-de-educator.) She insulted, racially, it is said, a person called Shilpa Shetty, a “Bollywood” actress, calling her “Shilpa Poppadom” – my reaction on being told this by a scandalised student was “so what”? since the actress said at the time that she did not mind either way. But Jade Goody became, er, famous for being famous.

Now, the world has learned that Jade Goody is dying of metastatised cervical cancer. Of course, this is a very sad position for anybody to be in. The issues as regards the Libertarian Alliance, and what I decide to blog about for it, are as follows:-

(1) Societies that are in decline, in terms of their philosophical stature, start to worship false gods. That is to say, they are like the Incas and Mayans and other failed-projects, and all that lot which elevate a human being for a week or so, then tear its heart out, while it is living, in front of everyone. Socialism encourages this of course as I have always said, as the public purging of pity and terror takes the watchers’ minds off their own problems with the enemy-class (be it priests or rulers) for a few minutes or days. Jade Goody’s TV travails and  tele-tormentings of others and herself were just another ingenious device: used by people like Peter Bazalgette, to help narcotize the British People into keeping ZanuLieBorg in power for longer.

(2) Jade Goody herself has focussed on what is important in the time left to her, which shows that All Men are capable of redemption and forgiveness. This is the ultimate Libertarian message, as I keep saying, which destroys both at one moment the entire pseudo-science of “criminology”, and also ampplifies the truth which All Men know, which is that God gave Men Free Will – to choose either Good, or Evil. The choice it ours. She has, in her last weeks, chosen Good. She apparently got married yesterday, to somebody called Jack Tweed, and although huge sums of money have been arranged for the “rights” to the pictures etc, the money will be used to help educate her little sons. I think this is a bloody good show. Good for her, and it shows that underneath perhaps, just perhaps, she was not really like the others.

If she is sincere, this sad story then shows the power of repentance and redemption. I object to the auto-insertion into the narrative of the odious cockroach-of-faux-celebrity-Max-Clifford, from whom I would be reluctant to accept a whisky, in case there were media-rights-conditions attached, but if he helps her to save the lives and futures of her poor boys, I will be satisfied. (I’m sure his software will find this blog entry.)

Oh, and Jack Straw has after all some glimmerings of humanity and kindness in his institutionalo-socialistically-warped soul (like all the others who are potentially-lost souls.) He allowed Jack Tweed’s curfew (the fellow has what is known as a “tag”, whatever that might be) to be lifted for one night.  of course, he is the “Justice Minister”, so he can do anything he likes I guess. But it was kind and it ought to be noted. I am quite sure that The Recording-Angel has already filed this matter.

I don’t think that ultimately Jack Straw is an innately bad man, even though a socialist, and potentially unforgiveable, for the wrongness of this policy-position is patent. He too is potentially capable of redemption – even though he did this deed for socialist-ZanuLieBorg publicity reasons.

Stalinist filename 3578-A/b-crat-5z.NHS.dll : “National Dementia Strategy.rtf”

David Davis

You have to wonder what the mindset is, of persons who link together these three words. “National” + “Dementia” + “Strategy”. It makes me think of dudes who work under the Ministry, in Richard Blake’s new historical novel, “The Terror of Constantinople“, to be published by Hodder & Stoughton on this coming Thursday (5th Feb 2009.)

“I thought that “national dementia” was something invented and posthumously exploited by “Princess” Diana, and then algorithmically-developed and extended by slebs and also by Peter Bazalgette, until I read the DT today.

You have to wonder what a “dementia czar” would look like, or do in his office. As regards what the Libertarian Alliance thinks about czars, we have two things to say:-

(1) We approve of czars IF and only _if_ they are autocratically appointed within and for private organisations, in which environment those who disagree are free to leave, _and_, importantly, the appointing agents are free to dismiss the czar at any time.

For example, I, the editor of this blog, am the LA Blog Czar.

(2) We disapprove of czars as they are commonly employed these days: which is to say, as used by the British State to act as fall guys and take the blame create spinnable headlines for ZanuLieborg by ordering other less powerful robots about so that it looks in the MSM as if something is being done about some intractable problem that the State has compulsively taken on.

There is something profoundly paradoxical about the left’s use of the word “czar”, considering its masturbatory obsession with the theoretical idea of democracy as it imagines what it persists in calling “people power” to be. I’d have thought that the very concept of “czar” – both as derived from the word “Caesar” which came to mean “Emperor”, and from its Imperial Russian connotations, ought to be in the same token profoundly distasteful to the Gramsco-Marxians.

Perhaps we ought to devil up a list of czars. Here’s some:-

Tech czar

it-theft czar

drugs czar

children’s czar

the “crime czar” wants us all to stop calling children “yobs”

and here’s sovereignty, which has already spotted thr tyrants of triviality:-

and it looks like the Yanks have got a touch of Czarrhosis of the whatever, as well:-