Defending [a] Libertarian nation[s] from such things as protests about “unfair tax competition”, and other marxist twaddle

David Davis

We haven’t done ship stuff for a while – except to mention that the RN now has more admirals than ships (and we didn’t mean “big” ships either – we’ve included the lot….and admirals still come out ahead.

Well, it’s an excuse for some big-ship pron:-

Thsi one has a pretentious and irrelevant sound track, but is technically interesting:-

This is educational regarding a famous class of ships:-

Good archive photos of Warspite, but says little about individual actions portayed:-

And here’s some American stuff, probably more recent. Must be a practice of some kind as it’s too stately for reality:-

Whatever, if a libertarian nation was to come into being, I imagine it would face immediate threats from most quarters. Its very existence would expose, mortally, the now-dangerous hideousness of ordinary modern states, with the previously-usual machinery installed in them such as “taxation”….”surveillance”….terror-police….identity cards….”enviro-crime”….”the national curriculum”….”citizenship” classes in schools….”public-private-partnerships”….”social workers”….and the like.

All the above machines would be next-to-useless today, but the fledgeling libertarian state would need some kind of credible way of defending itself, at least in the initial stages of its existence when old-type “Big-States” still think it can be overpowered on some pretext, before their own slaves notice it and all try to do a runner.

I think that defensive power greater than any combination of two or three Big-States that decide to gang up for a mugging, would be needed. Then, we could afford possibly to wait out the period in which they fall over, just like the USSR. It would be shorter than the cold war, as we would be VERY libertarian, instead of just vaguely-capitalist/corporatist-with-a-thin-veneer-of-liberty….and the contrast would be striking, and (for a little while yet) the internet exists.