Bentleys and “bio Ethanol”: the trouble with all modern cars is that Green-fascism has made them look identical.

David Davis

The new Bentley looks suitably impressive and expensive. But hardly different from any other executive-express. It also can run on “E85”, available at Morrisons, no less! I doubt that buyers of this car shop there much… This stuff is an 85% mixture of bioethanol with petrol. So when using that fuel instead of nice, famine-free fossil fuels, you can be sure you’ve just starved a few more Africans.


Ill have it in British Racing Green please

I'll have it in British Racing Green please

The trouble with big modern car firms like VW (yes it owns Bentley I think, so really this is a re-bodied Phaeton or Bugatti Veyron but who cares?) is that they feel bound to emply phalanxes of PR “executives” in various “communications” departments. This makes them vulnerable to assaults by greenazis, with whom the PR chappies and chappesses went to “uni” probably, and may well have shagged each other while students.

If they didn’t bother to employ these useless wastes-of-rations, in “communications”, then they’d be…

(a) functionally deaf to media-assaults about “non-renewable fuels”, and about “polluting the environment” by not using “bio fuels”

(b) able to afford more engineers and guys at draftsmen’s tables, producing even nicer cars,

(c) not make all their cars look like one another, by passing the desings through fascist-filtering wind-tunnel-software,

(d) able to bring the crypto-terrorist inclinations of the greens out in the open: frustrated as the greens would become, they would turn to terrorism and destruction of car plants, and THEN we will see where “governments” stand. Placate the greenazis or the labour unions?


David Davis

I can’t do better than the Devil, sorry – you’ll have to read about what “choice-editing” is by yourself!

And what, pray, might “Food Policy” be, and why can there be a professorship in it?

And why do all stalinists end up looking the same? Just look at the bugger, you’ll see what I mean: no ordinary person can look like that and walk down the street without being murdered, as a suspected stalinophile… I’ve saved the pic elsewhere, somewhere in Russia, in case The Devil gets shut down by the Gestapo authorities “promoting content standards”… that like throwing Jews into incinerators resettling them?

Perhaps their “choices” were “edited” by people who thought like this man clearly does:-

must be in a university then...

must be in a university then...

Prince of Wales “starves poor people” who could eat corn, puts food in Aston Martin fuel tank

David Davis


And if he only does “300 miles a year” in it, what’s the point of the expenditure? OK, it’s his own money (he does at least support himself, not like Al Gore.) But why crow publicly about something so inconsequential, if you think that global warming is (a) happening and (b) a problem and (c) we or he can do anything about it?

I think that Charles is surrounded by very very bad advisers, who are setting him up deliberately for a bad fall, and that this is deliberate, and that he’s clever but not quite clever enough to see it.

Fuels, Petrol. Biofuels, Starvation. Awfully useful and interesting. I am particularly struck by the picture of AL GORE SHITTING CRUDE OIL TO HELP MANKIND

David Davis

The Last Ditch says it here, and he got it from here. Al Gore can shit oil: this shall be for Mankind to live and breed and go forth and multiply in the Universe (where we shall find even more, as Titan has oceans of it the size of the Black Sea and almost inevitably more undiscovered since Titan is bigger than the Moon or Mercury.) The Wahabists can return to their roots, and their (respected) culture, which we have so rudely and impolitely disturbed, for them, being inferior to them in all ways possible, as we of course are.

Apologies for that sentence (above) being so long in the first draft. I was thinking and not writing. I have broken it up a bit now.