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New writer joins Libertarian Alliance Blog

David Davis

Fred Bloggs, an associate of this blog’s video media research editor, will begin to post shortly. He is part of the team of expanding young writers whom we will be featuring. (Or should that be “expanding team” of young writers?)

Fred is pleased to say that he will also invite comments and replies from people who are fans of either “Warhammer 40K” or the World’s armoured vehicles and mobile artillery in general, and he will dispute the finer points of libertarian vehicle design with them ad nauseam.

… but further to that one below, will the EU remain “the” problem, or even cease to be “a” problem?

Guido is saying “let’s sit tight and hope it won’t be worse than the buggers think”.

David Davis

Right now as I type, the world of money, shares and commerce seems to be coming apart at the seams. Nobody seems to want to buy Banking shares for any money at all this morning – not surprising since people will only learn the full list of more horrors this afternoon. Then, the Prime-Mentalist is screeching at poor little Iceland “Och-aye, the Noo, Jummieh!!! Where’z ma f*****g money????” (Not helpful I should have thought.) And the Euro waits in the wings to see what its walk-on lines are going to be.

It’s all very well for those clever people who were optimists-in-full-possession-of-the-facts a few years ago to say “we’ve bought gold!” But most people don’t own more gold than is worn on one finger, and sometimes not all of that. There are other priorities for most families, like just keeping going.

The EU of course continues to steam on, rearranging its deck-chairs to suit the sunbathing bureaucrats…there is talk of measures to “regulate” blogging, for example (see post below) as if the Brussels machinery had too little to do in reality, which is probable. I think measures like this will get harmlessly swept away in whatever happens to the Euro in the next few weeks.

This is not to say that the (very, very much nastier) British pro-EU bureaucracy will not get-a-hold of draft directives, and merely implement them as is they were real ones, while nobody is looking. It’s called “gold-plating” in political circles, I am given to understand. I would not put it past them even to ram stuff through even after the EU was dead (a nice thought) so great is their visceral hatred for English culture, tradition and institutions (why did we think they wanted to do the jobs they do? Why would someone want to be a “diversity outreach officer”, or a “parking attendant”, or this, or this? (that one’s even an “Australian Government Initiative” – that makes it even worse, for the cancer has meta-statised elsewhere.)  Why did real Germans and Austrians – and others – hurl still-living humans into incinerators? I don’t see the moral difference really – we are merely arguing about degree.)

A tangible and to-be-wished-for benefit of this mess is that the EU will start to unravel also. The continental bureaucrats will probably live with that, continue to draw their salaries and lottery wins perks for as long as they can, and then retire to Tuscany or wherever, and pretend they are just jolly old folks who never really believed in the whole EU thing in the first place (they probably didn’t, either.)

But we should watch out for the astonishimg vindictiveness and ferocity, which I believe will emanate from the UK’s home-grown and now frustrated pro-EU establishment. This will come when it is found out that the whole shooting-match has gone belly-up overnight, and that these wicked, cruel and highly-motivated stalinists have lost their official authority to terrorise, erase, threaten, fine, regulate, confiscate and terminate.

Our problem will be what Frodo had, when he came home to the Shire, and found all sorts of riff-raff in charge.

Techie stuff, war and Marianne Mikko

David Davis

(Oh, and Obnoxio the Clown has noticed Marianne Mikko, wallowing in his own distress, too. I do not know what this man has against bloggers, except that bloggers, being unpaid sovereign individuals, have no interest in any thing but saying what they think the truth is. I wonder what he would do with socialist anti EU bloggers? There must be some.)

Those grand heroes at The Landed Underclass, who always do more than their duty in the current-and-to-be-sadly-continued titanic battle for liberty (and no, DD here didn’t join up to be shot at, honest, Guv) have also noticed that the awful EU-neoGestapo-man Marianne Mikko, an Estonian person who thus ought absolutely to know better than to be in favour of muzzling inconvenient opinions, has it in for bloggers.

I suspect the chaps at TLU are fellow-techies: here’s a couple for you, lads:-

And here’s a sadder one. Shame they didn’t put in a better armour belt, or at least flash-proof doors in the turret inter-stages and lobbies – and in the secondary-armament-lobbies too, where it actually went off, on the day. Seydlitz learnt it at Dogger Bank, more than a year before Jutland – why not us? (Or don’t we care about winning and defeating evil?):-

Here’s Seydlitz stuff too for you techies:-

Thanks to Peter Davis, Libertarian Alliance Youtube Research Officer, for help here.

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