BNP: Lancaster Unity spends 10 out of 12 posts in last two days masturbating about it.

What we said about all this guff being socialists in-fighting with other socialists, is borne out by fact.

David Davis

If you go to Lancaster Unity, and view the post list back to 22nd November 2008, you will find that the attention of the New left is directed quite specifically. It is that just two posts, out of, I think, twelve (I am an unreconstructed liberal and so I may not be able to count) deal with stories other than the BNP and what is happening or may happen to its members, as a result of having been found to not have broken the law, and to belong to an allowed political party.

These guys just can’t let go. They __luuuurve the “people”__ but they just can’t move on and help them, by flagging up more interesting stories about State intervention, such as taxation trends. Guido can as you can see, so why can’t they?

Of course, we here excoriate the BNP, for, as we have explained here, it is socialist in essence and therefore not the friend of human beings at all (or if in Ireland….. “at-all at-all at-all”.) Those who bring it to power will find that they and theirs will still slide down into the cesspit – only just slightly more slowly, I expect, than if they elected Hitler or Castro or Pol Pot – who were by contrast quite serious about what they were doing. I don’t know which you would prefer, unity people – you as what Lenin called “infantile leftists”, will be put up against the wall either way. So you’d better think about coming out instead for (real) liberalism, and fighting for it.

We will never “grass you up” to the “papers”, to the sackers, to the brick-throwers, and to the house-torchers, for having once been “lefties”. Your free-will-decision to believe in that, was a sin, yes: but sins can be forgiven.

BNP membership: BNP: I’m sorry – I have to ask now…why do people get so worked up? Do they steal your clientariats’ votes?

David Davis

Yesterday, we posted this guff about the BNP membership list.

Yep. It’s old news now.

And by seeing this post, you will just inflate our stats becasue we have moved on. But if you call in here, it’s nice (you suckers and Chè-lovers) but anyway we were greatly pleased as we got shagloads of traffic from left-wing sites wanting to know why we were interested …go on….you WANT to know, you just WANT to, you student-activist Chè-JCR-“organiser”, you! You just orgasmically can’t keep away! You just might scoop the scalp of an “extreme-right-winger”! (Rare animals, those, ought to be protected by PETA, you know. Against hunting, and for “bio diversity”.)

Here’s a poll. YOU MAY TICK MULTIPLE ANSWERS. I need to  know some things. I want to ask lefties and others:-

For those who read this far, we are interested not because we like the BNP, for as it is a left wing party we of course do not,  but because we just want to know WHO would and WHO would NOT be prepared to stand up for freedom of conscience, in a Statist State, if put under fire.

Those of you who glibly slag off the BNP and want its people lynched, would find that, when real Stalinists (who are “serious” (or not) as Stalin said when he criticised the IRA delegation for refusing to shoot priests) catch up with you, you will have no time left at all.