Very bad law

David Davis

This will play into the hands of the more fanatical Islamists who are playing into the hands of the GramscoFabiaNazi fat-controllers.

If a woman is (a) either happy to wear a burkha, or (b) is fool enough to go along with her mail-chauvinist “partner” in being forced to wear one, it is no business of ours or Nicolas Sarkozy’s or of the French Government.

Personally, I think Burkhas areĀ  a very very silly and immature thing to want to wear. It signals nothing but distrust by men in other men, and in their own women. It is also impractical I think, if a woman wants to go to the toilet (I do not know.) It is a hangover from a barbarian pre-liberal age. But it’s not our business. However, murdering butchers, anywhere in the world, are and ought always to be our business whether or not we have any “vital interest”. Like Saddam, whom we happily caused to be hung some years ago.

This might just work

David Davis thinks that “Burkha Barbies” may help to erase cultural gulfs between the actual world as it is and as it functions, and, er, Moslem young girls in unicultural households.

I don’t know if they’re allowed to play with dolls: I would suspect not. But this might be a transitional effigy, which would help to doconstruct the notion that a top-down/prescriptive/pre-modern survival guide is a religion.

Religions belong to the world of the non-material. Like Christianity, they can often inform liberalist-behaviour. but as recommendations.