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Cambridge blues

As an alumnus of Cambridge university, three times a year I receive a copy of a large, glossy (ish) magazine called CAM. This rag is produced on behalf of the university, and mailed for free to its former students. While I often gag at what I read in it, I do find it useful as a kind of barometer of what the academic auxiliaries of the British ruling élite are thinking.

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How to destroy private schooling in the UK

David Davis

First, get to be the “government”. Then, get your hands on some shiny levers called a “ministry of education” or whatever: if necessary, build the machine with the levers on it and staff it with your fellow-travellers.

Next, make noises about “investing in people”, and that your priorities are “education, education, education”. (They are of course, just not in the way people think you mean.)

Then, get your digits round the windpipes of institutions that have flocked to your bait, of “money” and “funding”. Threaten them with cold turkey if they don’t admit who you say…

Finally, attack the already-struggling private schools, with threats to modify their “taxation status”, or with extra supernumerary burdens “in the community”.

I could go on: but you all know where this is heading.

University terms have started and it’s time to remind this year’s junior wannabe-lefties what this idea is all about.

David Davis

And meanwhile, while spoilt bourgeois lefty scumbag poseurs like “Ché” are still murdering people for thinking the wrong thing, real people such as scientists are doing this. thereare other posts about it embedded in the first one you’ll come to……


No, sorry. Ernesto “Ché” Guevara truly was an evil, wicked murdering butcher, and your T-shirt is even less cool than it was a while ago. He was probably even a spoilt bougeois upper-middle-class scumbag too. Yep, bet 50p he was that. Oh …  It says so here. He also had BO, took a gap year on a motorcycle, and grew up with leftybooks. (Glad he was killed ….. later sadly.)

I’d burn it (the T-shirt with his Phizzog on it, that is) if I was you. You won’t have sex with girls, if you wear this.That's better, that's more like him....

That’s better, guys, that’s more like the bugger really comes across, when he’s murdering, raping, or interrogating. He would look like that, psycho-philosphically, to a woman he was threatening to shag.

Now wear it and see if you can pull a chick from St Hilda’s after the JCR drinks party….

Go on, seriously, would you, a nice guy, really really wear something (or even have a poster on yer wall) which depicted a bastard who killed people, shot them,, sometimes personally, because of what they believed in? Because they were not stalinists like you?

Would you not really rather have a pic of Keeley Hazell? Like this?

Or…. Like this one?

Here’s what someone else thinks about him. Go to it, think about it.