Scary evil GramscoFabiaNazi numbers about surveillance camerae in the UK. And I am pissed off, about something else.

David Davis

Here you go. Read the shit yourself.

The more I write this blog, the less I want it to be a showcase of “libertarian thought and primers” for intelligent bystanders, who either head “think tanks”, or are “intellectuals”, or know they can’t really “influence policy-makers”, or who don’t give a stuff, and all of whom have no weapons anyway.

And the more I want it to scamper for a wee at the back of The Line, run back, spit on its hands, drag its swordpoint out of the bloody mud at the linefeet, and start hewing again.

There are many friendly Libertarians who would like me to make the blog “turn the other cheek”. I really will try, honest.

But I’m not the only writer allowed onto here – it’s just that the others have more important things to do, well, really sort of all the time, like about 100% of the time. (Sorry.)

The fascist GramscoFabiaNazi pig Mao tse Tung thought that “Communism comes from the barrel of a gun”. Of course it does, that’s it’s job and modus operandi. But that’s what socialists do. They need to kill: if they don’t kill for a few days, they have to be given some defenceless humans whose lives they can “reshape”, like the Saudi executioners have to have a sheep to behead in lieu.

“Nobody is suggesting” that Libertarians should behave in the same foul and pre-capitalist way. But you have to admit: the Enemy Clsss does hold some very powerful cards, like fear and terror.

If you want a Libertarian think-tank, teaching-archive blog, which “influences Academicians and Universities and policy-makers”, over the centuries and millennia, slowly or not at all, then get writing on it. If you want it like this, as it is, then leave it to me.

(Sean Gabb is abroad so probably can’t post until an hour or so from now.  So I will forgive! But what about the rest of you?)

ANPR, scumbags, duck islands, liberty and tourism

David Davis

Well, my last posting went down like a lead balloon, or should I say, in these hyper-flagged-parliamentary-expense-claim times, a concrete duck  island. But it says at The Landed Underclass that ANPR camera systems are all the rage among our Enemy Class, and can be used for all sorts of fun activities suitable for all the family. For once, I’m on the side of the Evil BBC, which has flagged this up.

True, the BBC stringers may all be irremediably-incorrigible lefties right now, complaining that one of their number, a professional member of Rentacrowd, has been victimised by these devices. But as Churchill said in 1941, about Hitler’s assault on the USSR, he might be persuaded to include a favourable reference to the Devil. (None of what I have advocated will pay in the end of course, but in these times, our enemy’s enemy is our friend.)


“If Hitler invaded Hell I would at least make a favourable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons.”


I hasten to hope that the Cameroid, if and when he gets elected as he possibly will, inside the next year or so, will demolish all this stuff, but I doubt it somehow.

ITEM:- You can make a duck island now, for less than £20 !!!    Here!

Should the Police be photographed?

David Davis

The Landed Underclass picks up an announcement on Spyblog, about the growing unilateral Police threat to anyone allegedly photographing the police as they go about whatever they have decided is their business these days.

I have no views at this time either way, regarding pictures of policemen. Unlike ordinary human beings, most policemen are ugly and essentially non-photogenic creatures. Perhaps this is deliberate, or else they get like that by doing what they do in a Police State. Personally I think it’d be a waste of film, or electricity.

But once they get down to being serious about bashing up people who disagree with their opinions, and really applying the “anti-terror” provisions, and stuff in the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 ss 132 -138 , which Landed Underclass quotes, then it’s time to test the law.

From Landed again. be there, at:-

Monday 16th February 2009, from 11am… Broadway, London, SW1

Nearest Tube Station is St. James’s Park

Update:- Landed also takes issue with the requirement, by the Police in North London, for a new pub licensee to install compulsory videoing of the heads and shoulders of patrons as they enter his to-be-taken-over (and pre-existing) pub, the footage to be available to the Police on demand. If that’s not a complete no-no for anybody who wanted to go to that pub, then I don’t know what is.

But perhaps it’s because “those who have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear.”