GOLLIGATE: Are people losing their fear of the PC thought-police?

David Davis

The Remittance Man thinks so. Trouble is, he currently resides in West Grombooliland. I wish I thought he was right, but I fear not. Most people today are I think silently aware of the awful powers these word-banning buggers have, increasingly, of being able to turn one’s life over in public, should one transgress their Gramsco-Marxian permitted-thought-boundaries.

To give Remittance Man his due, he does quote evidence of a “backlash”.

I fear that these days there are no longer what Chris Tame used to call, when he was alive, “enough people to make a difference”. There might have been, but the long-range Gramsco-Marxian thought-liberty-destruction project (it’s not a link yet but it might become one) has been very canny, cleverly underhand, and Fabian.


Its plan, of hauling up the ladder after a few hundred thousand (if that?) Honestiores, with all that paradise could provide for these and what some have called “their more useful servants”, is proceeding on schedule. This leaves the rest of humanity as Humiliores, dying while starving and freezing in the weapon-policed darkness of unelectricity, unfood, unlanguage and un-thought.

State “education” has now been reduced to rote-learning of PC paragraphs of stuff: ironically, “rote-learning” was what PC demonised.

The Wireless Tele Vision “News” broadcasts, to those who can’t be arsed, what they must learn.

The Enemy Class TV “producers” produce what these wretched people must enjoy.

Words that can express now-banned thoughts are increasingly criminalised.

Whole peoples, such as the English in particular – because we Showed The World The Way To The Unguarded Door Out Of Hell, are labelled “institutionally” (whatever that means?) racist/reactionary/ conservative/xenophobic/paedophile/homophobic/bigoted/mysogynist/male-chauvinist-pigs/substitute your own pejorative here.

I’m really not sure what to do about these people. I’d not like really to state on a public blog what the remedy ought to be. But there is little time left, before the terror-police kick in fully. There won’t be enough lamp-posts or time, when the time comes, anyway, so some other remedy will have to be found.

Jeremy Clarkson lynched by BBC and RNIB PC Stalinist PR apparatchiks … Carol Thatcher merely lynched earlier

David Davis

Here, Sean Gabb commented on Carol Thatcher’s PC lynching in public, for saying something in private. Now, Jeremy Clarkson’s blood runs in the street-gutters, for saying, in public, what everyone with half a brain thinks in public anyway: just take Nicholas Sarkozy’s comments on Brown’s wrecking of the economy….even the EUSoviet does not stretch itself to upend all commonsense to the extent we have been railroaded into doing by our “leaders”.

I’m sure that the vast majority of the staff of the RNIB are really nice and kind people. If, God forbid, I was blind or last my sight, I’d be grateful for their help. But they are no diffreent from the rest of us in that they have a human responsibility, a duty in reality (like us all) to resist the encrouachments of public and increasingly private thought-control and langauge-demolition, to the end of their and our strength.

When there were, in the last century, “enough people who could and wanted to make a difference”, people who forgot their moral obligations – such as the 33%-odd of German voters who voted for the NSDAP – ended up standing disconsolately (those who were left standing) among a billion tons of rubble (which we cleared away.)

As Auberon Waugh would have said: “I’m not suggesting yet that we should line up and shoot all Big-Charity-Public-Relations-Directors in the street” but these people have no less duty to actively oppose PC-word-control that do the rest of us.

These two are not the first, and I fear they will not be the last. I seem to remember that Prince Harry is being hauled on the Rack for referring to a chappie in his squad (in his own squad, a private grouping of brave men who all know each other terribly well, for goodness’ sake!) as a Paki.

So, the buggers will lop off the tall-grasses first, then they will come for the rest of us. Bastards. Rot in hell (no, it’s too good for you. The Outer Void instead.)

Sean Gabb on the BBC re Carol Thatcher


Should the BBC have sacked Carol Thatcher because she said in a private conversation that someone looked like a golliwog? No, says Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance.  Jo Brand was investigated by the police for allegedly inciting violence on BBC 1 against her political opponents. Carol Thatcher used a word. One gets the sack, the other the BBC’s unconditional support. But, then, Jo Brand is part of the New Labour Establishment. Carol Thatcher is the daughter of a Prime Minister who still makes the ruling class shudder.