Jacqui Smith (Miss Piggy) and accommodation expenses. We have to ask ourselves – do people really care any more?

David Davis

Guido does it best, but…

…..from the blog’s mud-begrimed, isolated and black-earthed fastness in Lancashire, I feel a wave of collective public ennui approaching. Not merely about Miss Piggy’s six-figure-claims for staying at her sister’s house (pretty rich and brass-necked I admit, even for a  Gramsco-Marxian) but about the entire notion that there is soemthing extraordinary about what these political scumbags are doing. (Tipped by The Landed Underclass.)

Perhaps politicians in the UK have got so much like African “big men” (whom they have always brown-nosed anyway) that they can’t help helping themselves to what’s in the Treasury, genuinely thinking that it’s their property. True, they haven’t got round yet to killing us and our male children, and then shagging our wives and daughters after burning our kraal and then eating our cattle, but I guess it’s only a matter of time.

But since most socialists have had their hands in the till since God was in short trousers, and most Tories have had their trousers down in the wrong woman’s bedroom for almost the same time, perhaps people have got innured to it.

All we can do is keep a log, and get the dosh back form the buggers when the time comes.

Labour “Peers” and “cash for law changes”: the buggers get off.

Of course they will: whatever did we suppose?

David Davis

There are two nations now – firstly, the one the Enemy Class inhabits (see Dr Sean Gabb’s site for further clarification of these buggers) into which there is Active Transport of money, up a very very steep Concentration Gradient.

And then there is the one they chain us in  – fenced in by cameras, terror-police and DNA databases, where the money is produced, and from which it is extracted, as if we are their farm animals.

At least Old Holborn has said something about this sad matter. Everybody else seems as bored as we are.

Cash for laws – and you thought “cash for questions” was bad?


David Davis

I was shocked by this, but I am a normal human and easily shockable. I live in Lancashire, you see.

The Nazis New Labour crucified people called the Hamiltons, in the 1980s and early 1990s, for this. And now, the same Nazis as did the first lynching, do this. They do it by themselves, with no direction from anyone else. What bad people, or c***s, they must be, for their hypocrisy.

Bad people. Bad.

Naughty. Repent.

Before it’s too late.

We are angry with you.

If I wanted to buy a Law, which said that all socialists and crypto-Gramsco-Marxians should be deprived of the Franchise – on account of how they would skew the distribution of resources by the market  in their favour, and thus inevitably to the detriment of liberty, then how much would it cost me ot get this passed?


Why not email some questions to these people? They’re in bed with the government, literally.

I mean, Gordon won’t answer the ones you’ve all sent to Downing Street, now, will he. So try this one for size.

David Davis

Via Guido, we here have learned that there’s been a cosy bit of stuff going on, that looks much more like “cash for questions” even than “cash for questions” ever did look like itself! How about that there then? Not only have Morgan Allen Moore seemed to have been rather more cosily tucked up in bed with Peter Hain than was supposed to have been allowed: but …. Steve Morgan’s missus runs this lot here, and boasts or has boasted of “influencing decisions at ministerial level”.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……… So YOU agree to pay them several grand (or more? I don’t know, these days…) per month as a “fee” for “press and media relations activities”, and THEY will pretend that they “influence decisions” for you? Hmmmm? What’s this called? Pluralist liberal democracy or what?

This is not “cash for questions”: it is not even as harmless as “cash for honours”. This is “cash for distorting the will of the people”. Who do all these f****rs think that they are, for God’s sake?

The MAM client page is “currently being updated”. Glad to see the guys are still so optimistic. Oh, and this just in… awfully interesting about STeve Morgan and his relationship as “international spokesman” and THE Welsh public relations guru behind Barack Obama’s US presidential campaign” to the Obama Campaign.

The SD Environmental Solutions page says: “Do you have a question you would like to ask? If so, contact us! (Go on, do it!) Let’s all ask them stuff about greenazis, Al Gore, climate change, how government will tax us more based on falsifications of data, and the like. Keep the wastrels busy, on their laptops and phones, for they’ve nowt else worth doing as they’re just a mouth and an arsehole, for processing money raised in taxation from all of us.