The buying of Scotland: Fascist hucksters trying to outbribe each other

And only the English need to pay…..

David Davis

As Thursday comes near, the game becomes nastier. The breaking of the UK must have the planet’s less nice scumbags and GFNs chortling into their latte (whatever that might be) and gleefully rubbing their hands over a potential strategic advance. The Global War, for that is what it is, is against English liberalism and no other thing. Only this stands between Man and the Endarkenment. It has been like this for almost 150 years, but this time they’re on the Garden Wall.

Tony Blair, remarkable in this spat for keeping his head well down (wouldn’t you?) and only making one quick guest appearance, is the proximal cause. Wanting to make Scotland one entire Socialist Pocket Borough so that conservatism would never be near government again, he began the bribery auction in the late 90s. What he achieved in fact was a true nationalist-socialist victory instead – and I don’t need to say what those words mean. This was the inevitable result of “devolution”, coupled with vast money transfers North, to provide the appearance of efficacy.

Almost at the deadline, we have numbers of fellows and others wheeled out to say how negative the consequences would be if Scotland votes to go. Here, here, here and here, for example. Oh, and here too.

If I was a ScotzNatz, all these sad hand-wringing negative pleas and gestures would only serve to harden my resolve to say “Yes”. Perhaps the BritishPoliticalEnemyClass is playing a Continue reading

Yet another animal that will NOT become extinct

David Davis

African Pygmy Hedgehogs apparently are the “latest fashion accessory for WAGS”. This is good news for Pygmy Hedgehogs, whose population will now increase.

They are probably less emotionally-demandng than dogs, may be easily housetrainable, and will require less socialising and exercising: all characteristics which will suit the modern celebrity lifestyle.

..and I won't even poo on The Ivy's tables...

And what is YOUR favourite insect?

David Davis

Some fellow called Mariah Carey says “butterflies”. I will add other insights to this butterfly nonsense in a later posting, in which I will balefully regard the strategic damage done to humanity by butterflies and  by “butterflyness”. Later. “Health and Safety” have taken the right decision to block her “request for 20 white kittens and 100 white doves” to cavort about while she does something trifling, but for quite the wrong reasons.

I am sure you can see what the right ones are. They are cultural rather than safety-based. Now then, under a libertarian civilisational settlement, it may well turn out that certain people become what are commonly called “celebrities”.  But owing to quite different strategic slants in the sorts of education that most people will then want, and which schools and universities will have to provide or go under, I can imagine quite different sorts of “celebrity” cropping up.

The current lot are largely empty sounding-vessels, that respond in their creation to the LCD, broadcast-media-created “popular culture”: this takes minimal effort to engage with, to understand and to get gratification from. The MSM conjures up these phantasmal but otherwise material creatures, milks them in a sort of real-life docusoap for a couple of years, then ritually slaughters them, in public, on the Aztec-Sacrificial-Altar of “yesterday’s news”.

I am not saying that (in place of these poor ephemeral worthless creatures I talked of above) the service-lives, of  great and useful individuals who have just advanced the Western Classical and Scientific Canon in some notable way, will last any longer as newsworthy stuff. Probably, far from it! Unlike stuff such as the “X factor” whatever that is, the pressure to “perform”, such as being the engineer who designed – and against the efforts of governemts – project-managed the Yemen-Somalia Suspension Bridge for example, or the fellow that designed a practical Belt-Mining-Station (with ore-carrier-feeder-facility) for the asteroid belt, will be enormous.

It will only be sustainable by Individuals of a People that recognises, understands and glorifies in the astonishing degree of order in the Universe, and a People that is not deflected  – except by choice and decision to let its hair down occasionally – by dsplays of pointless self-promotion using massed goose-stepping regiments of white kittens accompanied by camera-wielding doves.

Health and Safety rightly put the kybosh on prattish and childish displays of self-authorised semi-divinity. But when the time comes, “Health and Safety” will go too, into the street, along with the jetsam of a tyrannical state which deliberately connives at the infantilisation of Teh People, for its own ends.

The People will of course decide when, and if, displays of adoring white kittens are suitable adjuncts for  the Man Who worked out how to …Read p-53_ …

How West-stalinist governments destroy education and deliberately de-civilise – part 2942A/-3. Bullying in schools

David Davis

I chanced on this just now.

This government is not content with forcibly occupying schools in the Austro-Serbian-1914 manner. Nor indeed in the manner of that of R3 in post-1933.

I respectfully suggest that this government is determined to exclude from society, and if possible destroy physically even including the use of death, any children whose outlook and innate relpectiveness might prejudice the growth of a population of biddable pro-GramscoFabiaNazi helots.The (a)moral position is halfway achieved already, since today British children are, functionally, State Property.

Hence, “bullying”, a custom long in use by children (until they learn property rights and about liberty)  but hiterto controlled adequately by real schools, is allowed and promoted pro-actively. This is actively accomplished in schools by plans known as “anti-bullying policies”.

“Bullying” is probably a primordial hominid-survival-mechanism, useful perhaps 300,000 to 1 million years ago, and probably co-eval with the reise of language as a skill. It may have had a utility in ensuring that the most aggressive and the most “celebrity-clubbable” juveniles (of either sex but mainly males – and who would be popular on account of their size/outgoing-nature/use of growls to threaten predators/warped-sense-of-humour/…etc) survived better in the presence of scarce gatherable resources, to reproduce, at the expense of the more retiring and noncommunicative ones in a group environment. By either killing the “geeks” or driving them off into the bush to be eaten by Short-Arsed-Bears, the survival of the more clubbable and aggressive juveniles could be helped.

My hypothesis may imply that “bullies” could be quite “intelligent”. This is not a problem for me, for most bullies I have ever met were at least not very much more dim than most normal people, and probably had other useful qualities if only these could be exposed and/or channelled.

Regarding “Policies” …. I relate the story of the Bishop who, when asked what was his policy regarding SIN, replied “I’m against it”. Schools today in the UK, for the benefit of our overseas reader, all have to have “policies” tod eal with “bullying”. these are often highly comples and deliberately unintelligible documents (we don’t want parents detecting that the verbiage means sod-all now, do we) which talk about the appointment of “peer mentors” (which is to say other children) to whom one should go on being bullied. Or that “The School absolutely does not tolerate bullying of any kind, and works with the appropriate practitioners, carers and organisations towards a strategy of agreement on how to co-ordinate the relevant activities, measures and experts’ skills in order to  formulate a pastoral-care-pathway designed to eliminate the ….”...f***-it –  I could go on.

In my day in the 1950s and just after, there was indeed bullying. My parents firstly tried to help me combat it by saying to the bullies: “But I will go to University and you will not!” Poor buggers my parents: they simply didn’t understand the mind of the English young male post-war bully. But schools had a more robust attitude happily. After a little time I was encouraged by the teachers, mostly ex-WW2 RSMs and redundant ex-Imperial ADCs from upper-Jipoopooland, to take matters into my own hands. I was not strong or large, but there were sharp things such as my teeth, fountain pens and compass-points, which it seemed I was not … officially … discouraged from using. So I did.

Injured bullies leaking blood were generally chastised by the nearest teacher and sent to Matron to be sewn up again and given permanganate swabs, plus a stern note to their _Father_ . It stopped after a few weeks, and I was not thereafter troubled.

Bullying will stop if recipients or “bullees” are permitted to retaliate with force. I believe that there are no conditions under which it will stop if the existing “policies” (which expressly preclude absolutely any retaliation by bullees) are allowed to continue. Since the kinds of people targetted as “bullees” are generally either not the product of the Labour-spawned underclass, or else do not generally conform to TV-driven “cultural norms” such as chavs, thugs, hairless-male-youths-who-crash-W-reg-white-Vauxhall-Novas-full-of-girls, and celebs, then “policies” for “anti-bullying”  must be a deliberate attempt to wipe out, by self-harm, the young population of those reflective enough not to conform and agree.

I rest my case.

…sorry…the end of the poll-question should have said “The New Utopia”.

Libertarian Alliance SLEBWATCH 1b: “Katie” told to stop “partying”

I actually think this is very funny.

David Davis

I really do have no clue who “Katie” is, but the gravity being associated with the announcement indicates that this particular chappy is famous. Here’s even a picture of him, looking as if he has bought some chips on a plastic thingy:-

Mines a large one, squire!

Mine's a large one, squire!

The chips are the good bit: it shows just how against the prevailing grain of GramscoFabiaNazism that this Katie chap’s opinions about “healthy eating” are. This is good and right. He may go far in the libertarian movement yet.

But, sadly, Mr Katie clearly does not know either which sort of dress suits him, nor does he know when to stop applying the fake tanning lotions,  or else he does not listen to his Gestapo-minders sufficiently closely.

Mr Katie is going to feature more on here I have decided. He is going to be used as a “do not end up like me” lesson for younger readers of this Classical liberal archive, of whatever sex. Even though he is about 90.

His legs aren’t that great either.

A libertarian society would probably have some of these men working in it. I do not complain. But they would probably earn less in an average lifetine of two years each, and would not be as universally-highly-regarded through the Wireless Tele Vision. They might earn something like an “average wage”, and would marry blameless and sensible platerers and brickies, and disappear harmlessly up their own chuffers.

Perhaps the problem with modern __/post-civilisation/__ celebrities is that the mechanism of the process of killing them for the crowd to attain their _/Aura/_ after their death is misunderstood and lost. I do not for one moment suggest that the killing of  this man Katie for his “aura”, whatever it might consist of, should be done. But there clearly is something about the “aura” of these people, which makes it possible for GramscoStalinist administrations to use them to keep “the masses” in a state of consciousness that even Marx would have considered as “not sufficiently raised”.

What I also think is unfair is that this Katie man can eat his fatty unhealthy chips any time he likes, while ordinary poor children in “schools and hospitals” are bullied into not being allowed them.

Chips are nice.