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Economic Myths #14 – Share the Wealth

Economic Myths #14 – Share the Wealth

By Duncan Whitmore

Clement Attlee is, with little doubt, one of the more notable of Britain’s former Prime Ministers. Apart from the long lasting effects of his legacy he was, in 2004, voted the “Greatest British Prime Minister of the Twentieth Century” in a poll of 139 academics.

Needless to say, with such a high ranking in academic circles, almost every “accomplishment” of the post-war government that he led (with the possible exception of decolonisation) is likely to be an anathema to libertarians. Not only did he nationalise key industries such as the railways, canals, road haulage, coal mining, gas, electricity, telephones and steel manufacturing, he practically created the “cradle-to-grave” welfare state, the jewel in the crown of which was the now untouchable sacred cow, the National Health Service. Furthermore, he successfully entrenched the “Keynesian consensus” – the idea that full employment would be maintained by Keynesian fiscal policy – that was to unite all parties of any stripe for the three decades ending with the election of Margaret Thatcher’s government.

With such profound and fundamental changes to British society, many of which are still felt today, it is important to have an insight into Attlee’s motivations towards the legislation that his government passed. Read more

Economic Myths #9 – Social Safety Nets

It is often trumpeted as a virtue that “civilised”, social democratic countries offer their citizens one or more types of “social safety net” in an attempt to eliminate the most dire effects of, say, unemployment, illness or some other kind of incapacity that could inflict a condition of extreme poverty upon the individual members of the citizenry. The idea is that the most basic wants will always be guaranteed by the state should one be unable to provide them for oneself and no one need have any fear of hunger or lack of shelter – situations that are said to be “intolerable” in a modern, twenty-first century society.

The first problem with this theory is that poverty is not some selectively appearing disease that makes a magical appearance every now and then to infect an otherwise healthy and wealthy society. Rather, poverty is the natural state in which human beings first found themselves. When Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden they saw that the world was a barren and harsh place that is capable of providing precious little – may be just air to breathe – without the conscious effort of its inhabitants. The only way to alleviate this terrible situation is for humans to work to produce the goods that they need and, eventually, to bring about capital investment in order to expand the amount of consumer goods that can be enjoyed – whether it’s cheap food, housing, education, holidays or whatever – a process that only really got underway in any significant form in the 1800s. Read more

Daniel Hannan lays into (state-funded) fake charities

David Davis

Here. Though the credit for arguably the first fully public attack on what Sean Gabb has for long now called “Big-Charity”, ought to go to the Devil.

(Update: The Devil thinks Dan was actually first, which suggests a correction: I don’t mind either way so long as someone’s making a fuss. See comments below.)

Jeremy Clarkson lynched by BBC and RNIB PC Stalinist PR apparatchiks … Carol Thatcher merely lynched earlier

David Davis

Here, Sean Gabb commented on Carol Thatcher’s PC lynching in public, for saying something in private. Now, Jeremy Clarkson’s blood runs in the street-gutters, for saying, in public, what everyone with half a brain thinks in public anyway: just take Nicholas Sarkozy’s comments on Brown’s wrecking of the economy….even the EUSoviet does not stretch itself to upend all commonsense to the extent we have been railroaded into doing by our “leaders”.

I’m sure that the vast majority of the staff of the RNIB are really nice and kind people. If, God forbid, I was blind or last my sight, I’d be grateful for their help. But they are no diffreent from the rest of us in that they have a human responsibility, a duty in reality (like us all) to resist the encrouachments of public and increasingly private thought-control and langauge-demolition, to the end of their and our strength.

When there were, in the last century, “enough people who could and wanted to make a difference”, people who forgot their moral obligations – such as the 33%-odd of German voters who voted for the NSDAP – ended up standing disconsolately (those who were left standing) among a billion tons of rubble (which we cleared away.)

As Auberon Waugh would have said: “I’m not suggesting yet that we should line up and shoot all Big-Charity-Public-Relations-Directors in the street” but these people have no less duty to actively oppose PC-word-control that do the rest of us.

These two are not the first, and I fear they will not be the last. I seem to remember that Prince Harry is being hauled on the Rack for referring to a chappie in his squad (in his own squad, a private grouping of brave men who all know each other terribly well, for goodness’ sake!) as a Paki.

So, the buggers will lop off the tall-grasses first, then they will come for the rest of us. Bastards. Rot in hell (no, it’s too good for you. The Outer Void instead.)

Disasters Emergency Committee Gaza Appeal (oh, and Hamas will get the dosh)

David Davis

Here’s the appeal the BBC refused to broadcast:-

The poor wretched BBC is now hamstrung by its supposed “impartiality”. On the one hand, they are aching and bursting to execrate Israel, and on the other, they also know that Hamas will buy more rockets with the money, as it cares not a monkey’s f*** for “the children”. They use “the children bomb” after all, so a few more child deaths in Gaza is merely,as Stain said, a statistic.

This has happened because Fabians, other socialists and the Enemy Class have _deliberately_made_ whole demographic groups of modern British children into animals.

David Davis

Barnardo’s has, predictably, being part of the modern ortho-Statist Leviathan dubbed “Big Charity”, hit out at critics of today’s feral street-children, who it seems do actually terrify today’s adults en masse.

Of course, what socialists intend fully for the fate of liberal Western civilisations, is to infantilise and then thoroughly bore children. This will make them into stunningly incurious and also easily-angered juvenile hominids. This is what the buggers want: they can be kept indoors by junk-Wireless-Television (produced by the media/consciousness-moulding-arm of the Enemy Class) and let out at other times to distract ordinary socialised humans from carrying on with their legitimate business.

On the other hand, I also pity and feel for the wretched children: these have been corrupted and used deliberately as an instrument to do evil. They have been robbed of the fortitude, certainty and appreciation of their position in the Universe, that comes from understanding and appreciating the Canon of Western liberal Civilisation.

The entire seven official years of British State Primary School “education” are currently wasted time for these poor children. They come out functionally unable to operate socially in an adult world, nor knowing anything that roots them in a stable liberal culture. I can only assume this is deliberate.

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