New government, same old Gestapo

David Davis

Look at this.

Perfect teeth, yellow cabs, and take-outs

David Davis

Have these people realised that these shows may be on, because it’s what British children want to watch?

The MSM providers are not a perfect undistorted market: far from it. But they perhaps more nearly reflect what our youth wants in their programming than does, say, the BBC for what (it thinks) adults want.

Personally, I’d rather there were many more factual science, history and engineering programmes. That’ll also do more to “empower the women of tomorrow’s Young Country” than any amount of Disney child-hotel-soaps, or multiculti-Noddy.

Tomorrow, a life-size SnowGordonBrown….

David Davis

But today, these…

SnowMandelson exercising on trampoline

SnowNickGriffin, expostulating

SnoWBama, messiahrising

Yep, you’ve spotted the deliberate deception! They are all the same man! Happy Christmas, old fellas and slappers, and let’s look forward to a politician-free new year….sometime in the distant future.

Scurvy scumbags

David Davis

I meant Derbyshire County Council Soviet. I thought all County Soviets are now Tory, are they not? WTF are these scumbag social workers doing still in employment then? All those evil departments should have been put on the street with binliners, and theirdepartmental hard disks and Servers malleted, straight after the first Tory win.

And aren’t we all hectored that “junk food” is bad, specially for the cheeeeldren?

So children have become State Property.

Here come the HouseNazis

David Davis

You’d all better hide the guns, crossbows, explosives and poisons, then, in lockable steel safes. And fit window locks, stairgates, handrails in the garden and locking-drawers for kitchen utensils.

But what’s the point of all that, when The British State can break your own front door down whenever it wants to?

I forgot, of course: it’s for the children.

So was stuff  like the “Young Pioneers” and the Bund-Deutsche-Mädel.