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England’s Choral Culture

by D.J. Webb

Much discussion of libertarianism revolves, in one fashion or another, around the English Common Law and England’s cultural traditions. England is the home of liberty (it is quite incorrect to claim, as the US president George W. Bush did, that America is “freedom’s home”, other than in the sense that America is an Anglo-Saxon nation—an identity specifically rejected by another US president, Woodrow Wilson). Consequently, there is a continuum of thought in libertarian circles between those who wish to see minimal government with little reference to the cultural basis for it—I believe this would lead to the minarchism of Mogadishu, Somalia, one of the few fully libertarian societies of the present day—and those conservatives who want to see England’s traditions of small government restored and all the rights and liberties traditionally accorded to Englishmen honoured and upheld by Crown, Parliament and Her Majesty’s Courts of Justice. Read more

It’ll be the Churches to go next…

Fred Bloggs.

The Church of England has finally begun to notice that the EU is a large pile of dog excrement, albeit a very clever and malicious pile of dog excrement. The Church attacked them on multiple fronts, both financially and politically, saying that “millions of pounds of public funds risk being wasted on redevelopment projects unless local people and religious groups are also involved to bring about spiritual regeneration” and that “The European institutional public sphere is largely a public discourse for elites, it is a sphere in which citizens remain uninvolved. This has in turn contributed to the EU’s democratic deficit.” 

It’s nice that people are beginning to wake up to this sham of  a “Union”, although I fear that the Churches will be found guilty of made up crime and shut down because they dared to speak out against this bureaucratic dictatorship  “Economic Friendship”


Peter Davis

I happened to stumble apon this Hugely funny website on the internet here. Let’s all make a point today to annoy the Asse-Hat, who’s weeping into his communion wine somewhere, about the planet…


Are the C of E pagan earth-worshippers yet?

Are the C of E pagan earth-worshippers yet?

The video on it is hilarious, everyone has to watch it…

…or else.

And to ”Fred Bloggs”, would you kindly post something that could be better than this!

If I was a British Terror-Policeman, then I would of course “finger” the Church.

David Davis

I mean, it’s the obvious, necessary and right thing to do.

Hitler enjoined ultimately that, in all churches in the Reich, the altar would only feature “Mein Kampf (open), an Eagle, and an unsheathed sword”.

Stalin told the IRA, sending them away with a flea in their ear, that they were “not serious at all”, since they had “not shot any priests or bishops”.

Thanks to The Remittance Man for spotting the project.

The Church of England and disestablishment: I will consider a couple of days, and then decide what to say.

David Davis

The Asse-Hat is going to go along with his socialist masters in government on this one, we can all now see.

I will decide what to think in a day or so. This is all blowing up correctly while everyone is out shopping in Woolworth’s, so that nobody will notice.

Perhaps the English cathedrals will be razed after that, and the land used for “affordable housing”. Just think what fun it would be for the builder-chaps in their jolly little plastic hats, to go at the windows with a wrecking-ball.

It’s all about “change”, you see.

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