Politicians, pies and pig-poo projection

UPDATE:- The Lone Voice added.

David Davis

Monday morning merriment.


Here’s a sample:-

Thanks for spotting this….

…and so today, the British Open¬†Grauniadista-tweaking-contest Grand Challenge Cup goes to The Landed Underclass….for finding this rather fine material. Stylistico-philosphically-speaking, I have my covert suspicions that Landed and Belfry may be the same man – just using two different pub disguises, but I’m keeping quiet about that one.

David Davis

And this is good stirring stuff. I’m not surprised that the “left” is eternally whingeing that there are few outstanding, fast-responding socialist blggers: the people they’d need are all writing for the enemy.

The Aga: new thoughts by greenazis

David Davis

Via Bryan Appleyard. Agas are next target: George Monbiot has said it***. I don’t give a stuff personally, but it’s your money if you want one, not Monbiot’s to stop you having it.

***Stowe and BNC. One of the many possible permutations of the finest education for sentient human beings that money could buy. People would willingly crawl for miles on their eyelashes to get that.

Monbiot should know better, he is a waste of rations. Saddo. (Bet he does NOT drive a Fiat saddo-turbo.)

And look at this for f***’s sake…

Updated today 8th July…we have this from the Times; hat tip Englishman. What a shower of bossy jackboots nannies we have allowed to dominate us while we enjoyed a brief period of Thatcherism.

Nice food, Gordon! Hope he’s not going to send any back? Lectures about not wasting stuff will not go down well with poor people around these parts. if I was his press adviser, then I would be earning thousands a moth by keeping this data out of the public domain.

David Davis

Hat tip Guido, for Gordon’s gourmandism.