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ZanuLieBorg Feminazis are sooooo obsessed with sex that ……

they think this. I must admit, I was a shocked on reading it as you clearly are right now. They must be Gramsco-Fabians after all. Pity.

It sort of doesn’t chime right….why should a brave new world prole, having been brought up on a compulsory primary-school diet of sexualisation packaged as “sex education”, ever  _need_   _yet one more_  orgasm, at the moment of giving birth, when her primary-school-teachers have taught her how to have, nay to demand one, every time she is shagged (with a condom of course, so hard cheese on the poor fella for net getting one himself.) 

Hat tip Mummylonglegs. I think this is the original infolink.

It’s bullshit, but exactly what does it mean….?

David Davis

It’s here. And here’s an extract:-

However, Benitez believes Liverpool are still in the title race despite dropping two more points on their rivals and Chelsea and Manchester United winning their respective games with comparative ease.

“When you are top of the table you know that every single game is really important so when you lose two points you have to be disappointed,” said Benitez.

“But we have an important game on Sunday and if we play like we played in the first half we can beat anyone.

All the games will be important until the end of the season. It depends on the other teams too but we have to try to play well and try to win.”

After beating Newcastle 5-1 at St James’ Park in early Dec, they led the table by three points but Wednesday’s draw condemned Liverpool to their seventh draw in 10 league matches and their fourth on the bounce in all competitions.

“We were much better in the first half. We had control of the game. We didn’t kill the game,” he said.

“The second half was a crazy game and when it is a crazy game you cannot control things.”

When he was pressed as to what was the crazy element of the second half the Spaniard refused to comment.

“No I am disappointed with a number of things but no, the Wigan approach I will not talk about them,” he added.

“It has happened in the last three games. They have something in common I don’t like. I know why but I cannot say anything.

“The players were okay. They were working very hard in the first half but the second half changed because it was crazy.

“I was talking with my players about what to do on the pitch but there are things that you cannot control.”

Wigan manager Steve Bruce paid tribute to his team’s battling spirit.

“The resilience of them was there again,” said the Wigan manager, who in the last week has lost striker Emile Heskey and midfielder Wilson Palacios in the transfer window and had goalkeeper Chris Kirkland sidelined with a back injury.

“We have had to make five changes – big changes – from the team that played 10 days ago.

“The one thing they do is stick at it and have a right good crack at it. In the last 20-25 minutes they really got the bit between their teeth.

“Lee Cattermole got amongst them and tackled everything that moved. It was a decent performance from us.”