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Sean Gabb

Paul Staines – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Guido Fawkes, never let it be forgotten, is one of us.

The video he linked to this morning, from some people called “don’t panic”, is humorous:-

If he showed it, he’d get poison-umbrella-tipped –  but we can put it up.

Derek Draper quote of the day

In this article, Derek Draper is quoted as saying:-

“You have to wonder just for having an idea, even though it was a silly idea, whether someone deserves to lose their job. It is a very heavy price to pay for something that never actually happened.”

What then, Derek, of people who lose their jobs for (privately) being members of something called the BNP, a corporatist-nationalist left wing party which your attack dogs are afraid of electorally: why? Because, er, it’s er, left wing just like yours and will split your vote where it matters – i.e where you have been ignoring your Old Franchise most of all?

Too much ciabatta? Too long in Tuscany? Too much money? Too rat-arsed to care? Too afraid of Guido?

So bloggers might do important stuff after all

David Davis

Old chum Brian Mickelthwait best sums up the Damian McBride-Derek Draper-Guido Fawkes-Iain Dale thingy meme.

The Internet has broken out of adolescence, and is acquiring the A-I attributes of an educated Classial liberal adult, itself, albeit just a  collection of about a billion silicon droids linked by some wire and plastic glass.

Perhaps we’d all better be regulated, and soon, then this sort of embarrassing revelation would not occur.

Damian McBride spin apologies smears Guido Fawkes “Tories” hit by lefty scumbags

Here’s some updated Guido stuff.

David Davis

Much much better to do the following:-

(1) PUBLICLY  __NOT__ demand and apology, and simply keep on and on making the point that this administration is functionally and morally incapable of offering apologies for anything, even for porn and 88p bathpigs.

Let alone shafting the World’s Western banks, while pretending to like them. Buggers. Necrophiliacs.

Say things like … “Look, we KNOW you are scumbags and lefty Nazis and thus also Jew-haters and Muslim-baters. We KNOW about this, and we KNOW you can’t and won’t apologise because of course you KNOW you are right. 

So let’s just have the election and get you all over and done with, so those of you who lose your seats can go and break stones in Tibet on the New Chinese Railway To India…. (or in Barnsley.)