The problem is that, if data can be collected in theory, then BuroNazis say they MUST be collected in practice

David Davis

It cannot be relevant to anyone, even the Big GramscoNazi State, what make, colour or type of car teachers drive. Or what anybody else drives for that matter***. All this proves is that the purposefully-wicked masters within the Enemy Class, having already achieved their objective of creating a Police State in the United Kingdom, view “data”, and all “data”, regardless of what kind, as their property.

I believe that the files of the Third Reich, had they all been captured and scientifically opened and analysed, would have dwarfed even those which were actually found.The situation regarding the KGB, or Cuba, or North Korea, or i predict the UK in decades to come if we should be able to liberate ourselves (nobody else will, for sure) will not turn out to be very different.

The Stasi of East Germany, being the substantive Legatee of the various R3 “security services”, consisted of 16% of the population of that benighted land, spying upon and capturing “product” about the other 84%.

***Anyway, I thought that the DVLA already has this on file?

“All your data they belong to us”.

STATEBOOK … A new personal data-sharing resource for (no … about) the busy, compliant New British citizen

David Davis

I am indebted to The Blog Of Kev for this highly humorous and chilling reminder about the ongoing covert presence of our masters and their datamining apparatchiks.

There is really nothing more to add. Except to the list of “agencies” that can get it. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear (of course…)

The problem of bureaucrats and data has been addressed by us frequently. if it  _can_  be collected, then they  _will_  do it, because they  _must_ , since if they do not,  _lessons_  may have to be  _learned_ , later. In the meantime, they will use it.