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Milibanana is actually right, but now, nobody will believe him: his party has done too much damage to what he purports to support, also favours “disarmament”, and won’t buy his soldiers any kit (so that they can die.)

David Davis

Here’s the milibanana on Afghanistan. there will be more about this later after I have done chores.

More later, here it is:-

I have concluded my household wife-imposed duties, for the present.

Now then: most British  libertarians are against our being involved in wars in Asia – or anywhere for that matter. They say that the UK has no “vital interest” in that region. I disagree absolutely, and the principal proponents of the “no involvement” school of thought know this quite well.

I expect to be aggressively excoriated in the next week, as a result of this opinion, mainly by friendly libertarians, some of whom even know me. Comments from all sides will be welcome, it makes life exciting.

Although “fundamentalist Islamists”, the “Taliban”, (whatever he is – I think he publicly hung a Wireless Tele Vision Set a few years ago for capital crimes – good bloke then) and “Al Quaeda” (whatever she is – I think she has a David Frost type TV channel like Big Brother?) do represent a threat to liberal Western civilisation, and certainly a threat to its spread (which is a Crusading-Duty and an obligation laid upon us) they do not represent such an immediate short-term threat as home-grown GreeNazis.

I have spoken about these latter kinds of Green-trons before, but they will have in the end to be sorted out separately: it is a different sort of war, and more tragic, for we will have to assault or restrain our own people, who grew up with us and whom we trusted, and whom we even shagged, sometimes, because we thought they loved us for ourselves. Sex makes war and conflict harder later – ask any divorcee.

[Don’t even get tempted, while drunk, to shag willing pretty hippie Green women who invite you back after a political argument which they say they enjoyed – you will live to regret it.]

However, if we leave this Taliban bloke untouched and unexterminated, then owing to the nature of state structure currently in Pakistan – and probably in other neighbouring outfits too in the medium term –  he will get his hands on far more powerful WMDs than he has at the moment, and our task of doing what the Milibanana says will be 1,000% more difficult. I believe that Baluchistan, a large tribal gathering of some 120 million people, struggling right now to keep some kind of writ running in parts of itself, has missiles called something like “Shitbag-3” , or some such resonant acronym. We will, later, face the possibility of actual anihilation, as opposed to daily humiliation.

If we do nothing in Afghanistan in these next two decades, then the kind of spectacle that the BBC is pleased to send you, underlining its policy-position that you should “get out” (and join places like the USSR – a failed state –  in ignominy) will be amplified a hundredfold: in Baluchistan, Kashmir, Persia and places to the North and West. Probably in Burma and Malaya too if you are not careful. India will probably hold out, and the Chinese, properly unscrupulous in the /correct sense/ of the word, will stand no nonsense in Tibet and other near places.

Milibanana’s problem as Foreign Secretary (is he still?) is that he knows what is being fought for as he in an intelligent man. He’s even a Jew, for f***’s sake – so he ought to know what I and he and our enemies are talking about. However, his entire policical historiography, and his whole educational upbringing,  is based in the belief about the iniquitousness of Western liberal Classical civilisation, and how it must be aborted and attenuated at all costs, as he is a paid-up GramscoFabiaNazi.

It’s not what he can’t say, that I compain about – it’s the way he can’t say it.

He can’t say, in front of his masters, that this war is a small, tragic and necessary part of the defence of Western Civilisation, for his masters in the GramscoFabian movement won’t allow it to be said on the Wireless Tele Vision.

Because he can’t now, any more, fall back on the simple truth – which is outlined above – he has to appear to panic at the severe (by our standards today…!…think of the Somme – 19, 247 killed on 1st July 1916 alone…) loss of life among British Soldiers – some of whom might even have been his constituents. He has to put, hastily and desperately, some sort of manichaean gloss on what is by our standards really bad news. He can’t, in fact, bury it, much as he’d love to: he has to say something approximating to the truth, but he can’t put it the way it ought to be. (He’s also terrified of what he thinks “Muslim voters” will do to his party at home here…but he need not be, for as I said, the British GreeNazis are far, far more potentially lethal to him and to us than anything Islam could even dream of.)

As regards, too, the sad fate of the eight British soldiers who died in one day just now, there could be a remedy.

British modern people are not accustomed to these kinds of Wireless Tele Vision reports. Every death is an individual sorrow for the man’s family. From this there is no escape.

We are not like Stalin, the archetypal Mark-III-GramscoFabiaNazi personified, who said famously “one death is insignificant”, but being ideologues like him we knew what he meant – that did not make him right however. We deplore both the deaths and also the effects of these deaths on the political morale of the UK. (OK some of us are at leats minimal-Statists and we think the British got it least wrong in terms of defining stateness…) Charges could be laid of course at the door of the present UK government, for both hating the Armed Forces for what they represent and for their ethos of loyalty to what they undertook to do.

But in the end, this Taliban bloke is getting his munitions form somebody. That somebody can’t be far away or we might have noticed. Perhaps it’s Russia. I would not evince surprise, as their governments always cheat and lie (more fool the Russian people for failing in the last 30 years to resist more, when they could.)

But perhaps it’s not Russia. I also don’t think it’s China or Japan or India or Iran or Korea or South Africa, or Israel, or Pan-Arabia, and the like.

The point of having Nuclear weapons is to be able to point them, in public of course, at someone that is upsetting your foreign policy objectives – providing he does not have either any, or as many as you do. Therefore, whoever is supplying this Taliban man with his IEDs, and thingies that blow up Land-Rovers, ought to be able to be threatened. Otherwise, there is no point in having sumbarines that can deliver such a weapon to anywhere in the world, form anywhere unknown.

I can’t really see whay we could have any problem in stopping these unpleasant deaths among our soldiers, whose only mission is to peacefully protect the longer-term-future-survival of Western liberal Civilisation.

Like we did over eradicating slavery, for about 200 years [ – AND we had to apoligise –  we WILL get you GramscoFabiaNazi bastards…one day…and you WILL pray to be sorry, and we will not let you.]

Liberals like us want to be merciful people, but the quantity of mercy (strained or unstrained) that you will now require, when we find you finally, has become too great for the market to provide – so you will have to make do with what will be available.

You yourselves, GramscoFabiaNazis, keep on trumpeting – especially in your text books for students – that “the market” “distributes goods and resources imperfectly”…so now you can eat your own words at last.

Hamas hypocrisy special alert: what’s a “Hamas” “leader” doing, supporting (I presume?) FOUR wives and living in a “five-storey-house”?

David Davis

UPDATE: You can, if you feel like it, send money to Pizzaidf.org, to annoy people like David Miliband (you want to do that, don’t you surely?) or even to annoy ShootinPutin187, and also scumbags like Alexi Sayle***, Bianca Jagger****, George Galloway MP, Ken Livingstone and Sarah Teather MP…..(thanks Guido!)

***who is she?

****I can’t remember what this Bianca-man said he was famous for.

Hamas is of course naturally mindful, being their protectors and guardians, of the plight of the miserably wretched people of “Gaza City” and the surroundings. Yes. However, one of their self-appointed “leaders” – I guess we oughtn’t to joke since all our leaders theses days are self-appointed – lived in what seems to me to be a quite large dwelling.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not a socialist Gramsco-Marxian. I am that creature turned upside-down. I believe that people who say that they are setting out to help less fortunate people ought to do like St Francis did (in the beginning) and they should have no shoes. They should have nothing themselves. The Pope approximates to this state by pretending that everything he owns belongs to the Church. Some Popes even nearly achieved it, like John Paul II. John Paul II left his watch to someone (I think it was a goodish one like a Rolex, given to him as a present by some Prime Minister or other) and some books which he owned, to someone else: that’s how it’s done, that’s the real thing.

Hamas  university lecturers unconcerned merciless murdering killer thugs just like BBC-Saint Yasser Arafat (was), ought not to go about living in “five storey houses”, having loads of wives caged women to f**k when it suits them, and then expect not to be rocketed by the Israelis. Hamas, whatever it may be, is the main obstacle in the way of Palestinians generalised Sephardic Arabs (there is no such thing as a “Palestinian”  – trust me! I am nearly one myself, by the Nazi-Islamist-Gestapo-definition!) getting what comprises their natural rights within the area of the Middle East.

‘Nuff said.

I’ll probably get rotting cabbages thrown at me….

David Davis

….but in 1967, the world MSM, the UN (implicitly) and all politically-consicous individuals who had any education whatsoever, sided with Israel in the “six-day-war”. In my school, I was in a minority of two, among 551 boys and about 45 masters.

Today, David Miliperson “calls for” lots of stuff about ending the violence.

As a libertarian, I ought, ought I not (?) to be concerned about violent threats to the only approximately-functioning Western pluralist democracy in the Middle East – and I didn’t mean Iraq, or even Jordan (at least it’s run by Sandhurst graduates, we should be thankful for small mercies there) both of which are still even more approximate.

In a world entering endarkenment, and where some states still partially if imperfectly resemble democracies bent on individual liberty in principle if not in practise, it is not sensible to do nothing or (worse) to have no opinion, or (even more worse!) to have the wrong one. Just as it was not sensible not to attack Axis Powers with bombers when we had nothing else.

Approximations of political pluralism – such as Israel –  are less harmful in the short term than refutations of it – such as “Hamas”. Sorry. I can’t help pissing myself in hysterical mirth….I think of “hommous” in Waitrose, of all places. How can you seriously project a grave and important image, and expect unbrainwashed Western  Telestalinised masses (not many of those now) to take you seriously, if you sound like a holiday-food they eat in “Greece” or “Turkey”?

(The afforesaid masses don’t know where those places are…..they flew there. And the young Chingfordettes who thought they’d married the hairy barmen they met last week at the Taverna, have also been flown back….)

This blasted ongoing business in the Muddle East has got to stop. What now comprises “Israel” was a pile of dessicated rocks lightly coated with congealed dried blood, until the British saw sense in 1917 and allocated it to the prevailing ethnic majority in possession – Sephardic Jews. Fascist cockroaches unwittingly – and it would certainly have been unintended if you’d asked the bastards V. I. Ulianov and his chums, followed by their later chums Hitler and Stalin – did it a favour, by causing a leakage to it of Askenazy talent and population. If the surrounding populations didn’t like that, then there was – and is – still plenty of dessicated rocks and dried blood for hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of miles, all about the place, for them to inhabit.

I don’t think many libertarians could take issue with the position that if Israel keeps on getting rocketed, by outfits laregly supported by western fascists like the EU and the UN, then it ought to be allowed to defend itself, if needed by draining the swamp: that way the “violence” will stop……for a bit. After all, it was all right when Russia did it to Georgia, wasn’t it….. (anybody heard anything of Georgia recently? Tony, any ideas?)

It’s very interesting how, in a mere 40 years, the whole direction of world discourse can turn 180 degrees. i faind that very very fast; don’t you?

Gordon Brown versus David Miliband (is he really called that? It’s asking for trouble.) Also … “CHANGE” …

I also want to use this bit to talk about the notion of “change”, as it is commonly peddled as a panacea, by politicians and “management” “consultants”. (These latter items are a tautology, and an intelligent space-alien from planet Tharg would gasp in incomprehension at the very concept.)

David Davis

Now, for libertarians, the spectator-sport of watching socialists (who are of course the ultimate enemy – all other classifications: one-nation-Tories, Militant Islamists, modern TV-production-companies, UKIP, the EU, and whatever else, is merely a form of lateral stamp-collecting) tear up each other’s dirty linen in public is a tremendous hoot. It makes up for all the tricoteurish cackling that conservatively-minded individuals of many liberal kinds got in 1990, when the “Tories” axed their ace of trumps and put in a droid instead.

Fraser Nelson at Coffee House thinks that the pub-fight has now extended and is about to spill out into the street.

David Rubberband has either expressly confronted the PM by implication, or has made it look like he has. There are two scenarios:-

(1) Brown will at the first opportunity demote him in a “reshuffle”. This will cost, even though David Rubberband may/will bounce back some months/years down the line. this will make ZanuLaborg look even worse than it does.

(2) There will be a leadership challenge, which Brown will probably lose. If so, then I don’t think people will stand for a second PM being shoehorned in without a General Election, which ZanuLaborg will probably lose. Not by 140 seats, but enough. People forget how hard it will be to overturn entrenched inertia in the many, many Rotten Boroughs in metropolitan districts.

Either way, it’s fun. I’ve also somewhat pre-contradicted my intention to lambast those of the political/enemy class, and “management” “consultants”, who constantly repeat that magic mantra-word “CHANGE”. Rubberband himself either said it or implied it in the last 48 hours.

What I mean by what the commentariat and the Media world call “political” change is the kind I define as being brought about by utopian vandalism. This is not the kind which markets benignly cause to occur naturally. I fear that Rubberband meant more if the kind which socialists invariably do, and always for the worse, to whatever wretched civilisation they get their infected teeth into, is almost invarariably bad, and almost all of which is unwanted and unasked for by ordinary individuals.

There would prbably be no voters for socialism, if socialists did not go about telling people that they could have other people’s stuff. Thus vast amounts of unautorised “change” would never havew taken place.