The Atlas of the Real World….

….was probably meant to be a new-lefty-bible, and was almost certainly drafted by them, but Free Market Fairy Tales has kindly gutted-and-filleted the crux-or-nub of the liberal Classical Free Market case, yea, even from its maps (very clever they are too….wish I’d thought of viewing the world’s movable parameters in that way.)

I hope that Strange Maps picks it up soon.

David Davis

Science confirms enviromoonbat hypocrisy…”I’m all right Jack, I’m pulling up the ladder, and f*** you.”

David Davis

Hat tip Moonbattery.

For example, Trudie Styler, the wife (no harm in that) of a “pop singer” (no harm in being that either, except for the name of the pop group) flies round the world with an entourage, (in “Jet” “Planes”, I must presume – it would be sweaty, or freezing, and too long, to to go in a Dakota I think, and the toilet would leave something to be desired) defending rain forests against global warming and stuff.

But I liked what “Sting” said about things in his life in the Sydney Morning Herald. I hope he believes it.