This has been engineered on purpose by the GramscoFabiaNazis

David Davis

If you are GramscoFabiaNazis, and if (therefore as must follow as the night the day) you want to marginalise a potential key player who could be ranged against you in some way, in the setting-up of a New World Order – one in which Western liberal Civilisation is banished to a few subsistence-farming communities on outer islands, and which you can ultimately pick off at will like Native Americans – this is one thing you must do.

You have to ensure that you f*** up their defence procurement bureaucracy, finances and objectives. Hear me out, enraged libertarians, for this is important.

Rommel, von Kluge and von Runstedt came, not very suddenly, to understand this very well in 1944, and had no power to influence what was anyway a fairly-well-run outfit by 2009 standards.

The poor wretched generals and marshalls actually understood it before that, but were not listened to. The only reason “Normandy to the Elbe” took so long, and was so expensive in metal and in lives lost, was the superb fighting power of the average German soldier, even in knowingly unrelievable desperation. The Allies were fighting the finest and most professional army of ordinary soldiers that possibly ever existed in all history.

To me, from where I am sitting, about 100% of all libertarians appear to be “against war”. Well that’s OK if you say so, but I am not convinced that everybody who reads this blog and others is aware of the difference between this position and outright pacifism in the face of people who frankly state their objectives about your fate, should they be so fortunate as to get you into a dark alley.

The point about wars properly waged by The West, against its mortal philosophical enemies such as GramscoFabiaNazis – and even, let it be said – GramscoNazis and their integrated GramscStalinist clone, is that The Western Canon has allowed the development of what we (in the LA year and years and years ago) called, on a lapel badge (remember those?) “Peace through superior firepower”. We even, in the Alternative Bookshop, bought a badge-making-machine, and prodiced them – I still have one.

All we have to do is decide if we are right. If we are, then superior firepower will ensure minimal destruction of innocent bystanders, by ensuring maximal destruction of the guys who are wrong and who despite that persist.

This I think was the original – actually it’s not, it’s the second series:-


And I thought this was a later version when that stock had run out, but actually it’s the real one, the first one – it’s a better gun:-


And this summed it all up:-


GramscoFabiaNazis have nothing going for them except their messianic fervour of rightness in the face of logic, and their aura of divinity based on barbarian-neopastoralist mass-credulity. They are killers and murderers: the two generalised forms of death which they apply to people who displease them, differ slightly but importantly.

They too encompass badge-wearers, just as we did: but we grew up and they did not.

The GFNs must find a way to hobble people who, although behaving as “uncertain trumpets”, ought to be able to possess overwhelming firepower.

Piracy in The Channel…so where does that leave Space?

If liberty and order can’t prevail in the English Channel, how can they prevail in space which is and will be  much, much more vital?

David Davis

Successive Tory governments GramscoFabiWeimarians, followed by New Labour GramscoFabiaNazis, none of which, functionally these days, are populated by persons who have served properly, hate the Armed Forces so much that we now have effectively none.

There will, sometime, come a next election that matters. In it, a Libertarian Government will be elected in an England which has left or will immediately leave the UK, as will be inevitable, and therefore also structurallywill leave or has left the EU also. The legalistic shenaniggans will be tremendously hilarious. We do not (as Hitler said infamously, or maybe it was Ludendorff in another war? Or perhaps it was Stalin?) “care nothing for treaties” – we will, as people who do agreement and not force, do our very best to console and satisfy every party who is properly  involved, as is right and proper.

At that point, the lack of methods available to deal with simple stuff like a gang of semi-armed-men riding a rubber-tyre, and then stealing a cargo ship in full daylight at pop-gun-point, will be felt. Whether “our” ship or somebody else’s, is immaterial. The point is that, owing to in-house-Fabianism, control of our near oceans will appear to have been lost.

Since shipping lines will all be private property again by then, this libertarian State will appear incapable of helping to protect such individual property rights. This will be embarrassing to say the least.

In the interim, a very very  strong blue-water-Navy, probably encompassing  fully the Air and Submarine  Arms as is natural, will be a Libertarian Priority. The logical conclusion, so long as GramscoFabiaNazis continue to either exist or be able to teach on this planet, will be an extension to space.

The weaponization of Space, will become necessary for Man’s survival in the Universe in future, in order that he will be able actually to get off here with some hope of establishment elsewhere. It will become therefore a battle against people like Rousseau, Lenin, Marx, Gramsci, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Sir Jonathon Porritt (who is old enough and ugly enough and educated enough to know better), Pol Pot, Mugabe, that bugger who did the Peru thingy, and the like.

A very, very poor, badly-written and also bad and pedestrian, SF novel about politics, about 16 years ago, was started by me then. Fortunately, all trace of  it was lost when that computer went awol, and the only “floppy” (remember those? it fitted puite well on one in MS-Word 2.0 along with lots of other gear) which I had saved was an oldish draft and also was, much later, found to be “corrupted”. In it, fleeing libertarians were forced to construct a ring of Orbital Forts round the Earth (guns facing downwards) after they had left for The Stars, with whatever people and remnants of the Western Canon and Culture thay could carry with them.

I continue to be convinced by those insights which came to me when I was thus younger.

Libertarians will find how many enemies they have, among the still non-disarmed governments of places where they have not electorally triumphed, and they will therefore experience problems, for many many I hope only) months – but let’s not bank on it. Praise the Lord, and keep your powder very very very dry.

ZanuLieBorg is not only wickedly culpable over soldiers’ kit: it is also being taken for a mug…

…by people like the suppliers of the stuff below….

The following parts were bought a little while ago by me in a cheapo 50-Kg  job lot of RAF-surplus electronics bits and pieces. On idly peeling off the pricesticker covers to see what the MOD customarily pays for stuff, I was astonished.

David Davis

The following part is a VHF/UHF coax to socket connector, probably about £3 from Farnell in Leeds:-

Strewth!  £84 effing quid....?

Strewth! £84 effing quid....?

And this…this is a 0.001 μF polystyrene capacitor, of the sort you can get from China at about 2p a part. Even Maplin, expensive for this sort of thing, charges about 10p:-

I mean, what planet is the MOD buying-office on...?

I mean, what planet is the MOD buying-office on...?

Not only is this government viscerally and institutionally anti-forces, but “big business” in the form of Defence Contractors is “avvin-a-luff” at the taxpayer’s expense. You could almost believe that there is a cosy conspiracy between suppliers and the MOD buyers, and that said buyers are getting a private kickback in some form…after all, it’s happened many times before.

And the only sufferers are the poor soldiers who don’t get enough of the right kit as it “costs too much”….

Libertarians would have to be concerned at this, because as and when we come to power, we shall have to be alert for this sort of scam. You all know that I have often trumpeted the need for a Libertarian or fully-minimal-statist government here or anywhere to ensire it has very very powerful Armed Forces, at least for the dangerous years while other more statist nations try to undermine, or even directly assault it: it will highlight their dangerous isolation in pre-capitalist barbarism, and their lack of popular support.

A very peculiar outlook

David Davis

Via Obnoxio the Clown we learn this tonight (he hat-tips the Penguin). It is so extraordinary that I have to short-quote it too:-

The report by the UK National Defence Association (UKNDA), an independent body, quotes the government adviser as saying: “Defence, aerospace, manufacturing and engineering have no real value to us.

“Only high-quality professional services, financial services and the City of London have any real value and they should be supported at all costs. The rest of the country can be turned over to tourism.”

I feel personally insulted, in a grand way.

Who the f*** do these bastards think we all are? What kind of a people are we supposed to be seen as? Grockling peasants, grinning over cow-gates at passing metrosexuals in their chicken-manure-powered Bugattis?

Libertarians must be concerned about the existence of people who think this sort of dangerous, anti-human mountebankistry, which takes them ever closer to Mao and Pol Pot.

Keeley Hazell doesn’t want you to get burgled, so buy an i-Pod with a gun attached…..

David Davis

So that you can shoot straight, it seems you need an i-Pod now:-

Here she is, I expect the gun fits between the boobs, without being observed quickly:-


And, thanks to The Remittance Man, we have this, just in! When I grow up, I want to be like mommy:-

And here she is again….(update, someone on the interwebthingy seems to have removed the image from the link…)

Time for some carrier-borne pron on a Sunday evening

David Davis

It remains my prime thesis that if a State is to exist at all, then it ought to concern itself primarily with defence, even leaving a lot of this to the market if it can therefore be done better and cheaper. Preserving some system of Common Law, on the English model, comes close to a requirement too.

But all the other dross, like a monopoly currency, the value and status of which are dictated by fiat, “education”, “health”, “induustry”, “employment”, “media, culture and sport” (a great boondoggle that one!) and the like, can go.

Not enough time has yet been spent discussing how a libertarian state (if that is not a tautology) might defend itself against possibly hostile neighbours in its first years. For of course there will bw a lot of “unfair tax competition”, to be possibly erased by the said neighbours by force.