VOTE OR EAT … Ahhhhhhhhhh….. BISTO !!!! … That’s the way to do it!

David Davis

Vote or eat. Zimbabwe (that is to say, Southern Rhodesia.)

Stalinist bastard, that Myooogaaayb person.,,…. He won’t be allowed into hell, you know.

Know why?  He’s, er, too bad.

Lucifer (MORGOTH) won’t let him in, he’s er, rather bad.

He’ll be handed a brazier, a fag-lighter, and some paraffin, in a thingy, and he’ll be, er, set adrift, into the outer Void. He’ll have to join Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro (who is dead too) Bin Laden (who will continue to remain dead this year too as well and also next year) the Sendery-Luminosy-man-whose-name-I-can’t-remember-coz-he’s-a-saddo-who-chopped-off-living-people’s-faces-while-alive, Kim-Il-Sung, and the others.

How absolutely stupid and myopic of us all here, not to notice, about the connection between voting and eating, if there is a “government”.

He who does not work, neither shall he eat. For “work”, read “agreement”. Marxist Gramsco-Eagletonians, all. Again. As ever.

Tony, my dear chap, you can ask me again about these sub-human droids, and about a diagnostic test to distinguish what kind of machine they appear to be when going about in the world, and how to characterise this machine so as to eliminate it, but you yourself ought to know what I point to.