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Eco (Nazi-designed) Towns

David Davis

Thanks to the Englishman for this. We have happily not heard much about ecotowns for a few weeks, perhaps because the State is bust, and does not want to remind its rather worse kinds of attack-dogs about the Mordor-style projects that it had promised were in store for us, and which means that private-sector builders with white vans will have to be given money…. I mean, er, how gross and repulsive that is.

But this reminds me of Huyton, about 20 miles away south of us. It was built more than 4o years ago: so why are they trying to resurrect the idea now, since it failed?

Please remember that it was also Harold Wilson’s constiuency.

Can this be true? Or am I in a waking horror-story? The British Prison-Planet’s “Eco-towns”

David Davis

I don’t usually read the Times Online, but not being temporarily ablt to get the Barclay Bugle, I found THIS.

The line about “30% of the homes being affordable” was especially nice. Go read the whole thing – the monumental contempt for the standard details of individual human beings’ lives in a modern country is so staggering that it almost rears up to space, in monumental invisibility.

The comments are really fun too.