Wind Turbines: someone’s noticed the deliberate mistake

David Davis

I spotted this here, and  thought the following (don’t all, please, get killed in the rush…)

There is intrinsically nothing wrong with the idea of people installing wind turbines on a small scale if they want to, and if some idiot’s prepared to go to the trouble of fabricating the monstrosities for them. The concept that the wind is (sort of) free for the taking is an old one, and successful nations have risen and prospered, such as the Dutch, by using the stuff on a large scale by pre-medieval standards.

But to pretend that the electric power requirements, at high Amperage all the time and everywhere, of a large First-World Economy, including stuff like Aluminium-smelting-works and steel-foundries, can be thus provided by such machines, is flim-flammery.

Private wind-turbines are toys. There is no need for them to have expensive electronic nonsense, designed for “load regulation” or whatever, if they are not connected to the Grid. The people who will want them will be rich: therefore they should be connected via old car-alternator-rectifiers (about 40 sets in parallel is a good start for safety reasons) to stacks of lead-acid scrap batteries in the cellar: about two tons of the same, say about 120 batteries, will do for an average 2kW turbine. Good new car batteries can be had for about £2 each at any local Soviet mobile home park for Travelling People.

No wind? No charge.

Wind? Charge.

You will be able to run an average _/House In Notting Hill/_ with five bedrooms, two kitchens with AGAs, nine laptops for the three children and five for the parents and nanny, plus the XBox and two “Wii” thingies, for at least four hours on a full charge of two tons of six-year old batteries.

Get some geek to build you a 12v=/230V^, DC/AC inverter using about 100 scrap power MosFets and transformers from old laptop adapters, and you are home and dry. Any amount of these can be had for under £1 each from your local computer repair shop, just like gunpowder was from your ironmonger in the 1950s. If the assembly catches fire, simply let him build you another one.

Spend 30 years rubbishing Nuclear Power, then suddenly turn round

…and say to all the Orcs, GreeNazis, neopastoralists, ageing hippies and “Choice-Editors”  whom you have deliberately created, that “it is safe”.

David Davis

Then see if you are believed.

Most of us libertarians have always said it is, because it, well, er, is. Try comparing the death-toll of coal miners with that of nuclear workers and even sufferers from the after-effects of Chernobyl: Nuclear Energy still beats fossil fuels in spades for safety. But just wait for the massed protests, the sit-ins, the lying-down-in-front-of-bulldozers, that is going to happen now.

We may yet die, freezing in the dark.


The GreeNazis really are on the warpath now…

…perhaps they think that time is running out before June 2010, and that they won’t be able to complete the enslavement and destruction of The West before the Gorgroid is thrown out – always assuming that he is (we can’t discount their already well-planned attempts to rig theforthcoming General Election, as I am certain they mean to do.)

But I don’t think it’s as complicated as that. It’s just that GramscoNazi revolution feeds on itself, has to go faster annd faster towards unutterably deep wickedness, and also perhaps the buggers have merely decided it’s time to take the gloves off and show us what they really think about ordinary people’s lives, desires and objects.

David Davis

Try this, about how vegetarians are appalled at Tesco recycling meat “in a green way”, and also how they are getting at what they see as yet one more “British Institution” – the Royal Mint – for using copper from Chile.