ZanuLieBorg is not only wickedly culpable over soldiers’ kit: it is also being taken for a mug…

…by people like the suppliers of the stuff below….

The following parts were bought a little while ago by me in a cheapo 50-Kg  job lot of RAF-surplus electronics bits and pieces. On idly peeling off the pricesticker covers to see what the MOD customarily pays for stuff, I was astonished.

David Davis

The following part is a VHF/UHF coax to socket connector, probably about £3 from Farnell in Leeds:-

Strewth!  £84 effing quid....?

Strewth! £84 effing quid....?

And this…this is a 0.001 μF polystyrene capacitor, of the sort you can get from China at about 2p a part. Even Maplin, expensive for this sort of thing, charges about 10p:-

I mean, what planet is the MOD buying-office on...?

I mean, what planet is the MOD buying-office on...?

Not only is this government viscerally and institutionally anti-forces, but “big business” in the form of Defence Contractors is “avvin-a-luff” at the taxpayer’s expense. You could almost believe that there is a cosy conspiracy between suppliers and the MOD buyers, and that said buyers are getting a private kickback in some form…after all, it’s happened many times before.

And the only sufferers are the poor soldiers who don’t get enough of the right kit as it “costs too much”….

Libertarians would have to be concerned at this, because as and when we come to power, we shall have to be alert for this sort of scam. You all know that I have often trumpeted the need for a Libertarian or fully-minimal-statist government here or anywhere to ensire it has very very powerful Armed Forces, at least for the dangerous years while other more statist nations try to undermine, or even directly assault it: it will highlight their dangerous isolation in pre-capitalist barbarism, and their lack of popular support.

The Steel Beast speaks for itself

David Davis 

The ultrabrite red diode is too bright. That is why there is masking tape over it, he does not like it (it’s fixable)…And I must try getting the meters to deflect.

The sound quality of this posting does not reflect what you heard in the room. It was saved on a rather crap 7.1MPxcl camera, with crap sound recording, and at VGA – 640 x 480.

The “sound stage” really does work. Stuff actually comes from where it’s supposed to, in the room. I had not experienced this, with nearly all the transistor amps I have built, expcet one, which approximated electrically to a valve amp and used power N-JFets.

You can have one for £2,750.

Valve Amplifiers: the Steel Beast is working now – you too can now have one of these.

David Davis

It’s all very well to sit on our arses and write blogs, the most useful of which will bring down scumbaGamscoFabiaNazi governments whose denizens comprise The Enemy Class, which despises ordinary people. But the alternatives, with very few exceptions of which this is one, (no it’s NOT the BNP which is ultimately socialist like the rest of the established class) will be no better.  

So, as The New Endarkenment closes in, other things have to be done while there are still bits of machinery on the planet to enhance, and a few people in Chindia and SerboRussia are still making stuff that’ll be needed.

As I said before, I will build you one that does this, for £2,750. Some work needed but it’s there. No howling, no hum, it does not catch fire much any more, the musical-instruments sound like they’re in different places in front of you on the sound stage, and it sounds like a machine that might cost thousands, etc etc etc.

I have to admit that I was entirely skeptical about the always-messianic (and occasionally -manic) claims by valve-amp enthusiasts: this skepticism was potentiated too, by their corresponding dismissal of transistorised audio machinery, whose qualities I have understood for decades, many of which I have built, and whose atrributes I have never had reason to doubt.

But now I have built one of these beasts, it really does seem to do what all-they-valve-audio-enthusiasts say it does.

Oh, and biochickenshit-gas will not power it, no not at all. The heater circuit draws about 140 watts alone.

So I guess Al Gore will not be ordering one then.

I am very impressed, though as the builder, I-say-it-as-shouldn’t. The sound quality on this mp3 file is crap by the way, as all I had was a digital camera whose memory-card I’d forgotten to take with me:-


The light comes on!!!

The light comes on!!!

Valve amplifiers coming on – you too can have one of these.

David Davis

Libertarians ought to be looking for other things to do as we enter The New Dark Age. I am not sure how we will be able to power machines like that I have created below, after the Lights Have Gone Out: lots of chicken-shit for biogas I expect, and highly-restricted viewings/listenings of the stuff, as methane in sufficient quantity is available to drive the Honda 2KW-generator (fast, high-eating-rate-chickens required, and someone who knows about motors in pumps.)

Yesterday, the Steel Beast made its nearly final journey to its hopeful owner. (Valves obviously taken out for lifting and transport, as it weighs about 59Kg and we can’t afford even one 12AX7 breakage, let alone one of the 8 matched KT88s.)

After some false-starts and terrible oscillation, it functions now (almost) perfectly on both sides. Still some AC mains hum to smooth out.

I will build you one of these, similar to that shown but with an all-metal case not a ceramic embedded tile which was a pain and a torment to me, for £2,750 for labour and all parts, including the specially wound set of 4 transformers. And you’ll have to have more modern meters, not that rare pair out of Avro-Lancasters. It would have been more than that price ideally, about £3,600 taking time into account, but there’s a recession on and I need the dosh.

You can power 4, 8 or 16-ohm speakers from the transformers, as you decide. The feedback is adjustable by yourself, for you to vary the colour-tone of the sound. HT voltage and current is avilable for up to 160 watts RMS per side if you wanted a Glastonbury-gig-job, but I’d initially build it for 20 watts at less than 0.6% harmonic distortion.

You will have to arrange your own collection, as I don’t think couriers’ delivery vans have strong enough springs.

It will of course work using 8 6L6, or EL34, or 5881/6550, with the correct bias system changes. Personally, I’d like it best with 6L6s, at about 50 watts a side and 0.8% to 0.9% distortion, with 585V at the anodes: quite hard and bright and tight, but also bassy, with restricted midrange.

I also like to build transistorised stuff, which of course is much much cheaper and lighter, and uses less pounds of chicken-shit-per-hour, as there are no heaters to power. But you don’t like that do you.


Off home

Off home




First burn-in

First burn-in

The light comes on!!!

The light comes on!!!

No blogging today, saving the world instead.

David Davis

I have to mow the lawns, and also build an amplifier for a man. Then I am working tomorrow Sunday 29th, so I may possibly hand down some Godly per-oration (on Sunday 29th June) pm but I don’t yet know what, so I don’t promise anything yet.

It does rather depend on what aspects of applied Gramsco-Marxianism (as applied daily by the British State to the people which are elected and dismissed periodically by it) that I decide to be irked by on the day. I may even then write about it, and about what ought to be done with the buggers, to ensure their re-socialisation as individual human beings living in a Market Civilisation.


If you want a Rolls-Royce-version of a Williamson Amplifier, for your Hi-Fi, or if you would like a couple of single-ended 300B monoblocs, then talk to me. I will build them for you, by hand. And, you will love them.