Not accidental: Not better: Not for the planet. Deliberate bullying by GramscoFabiaNazis

David Davis

The initially risible, silly, unimportant and clownish recycle-prancing, started about the time of The Club Of Rome by woolly-pullied-wierdy-beardy-sandal-wearers, has now progressed to the point where ordinary sovereign individuals are now to be threatened with fines and criminal records _IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES_ . And, tell it not in Gath, by others of their own people posing as “friends of the planet” (in various eponymous guises.)

We cna only conclude that the progression, from the seemingly marginal concern of an embattled but concerned intellectual minority, to all out State Terror, is quite deliberate.

Like the original Leninists.


the right amount of rubbish. Exactly, always, and no more no less than what we direct.

David Davis

Truly, the deliberate, studied and strategic wickedness of these droids knows not any limit. This is not “incompetence”, “inefficient bureaucracy”, “public sector inertia”, “political correctness gone mad”***, or any of the other apologetic terms customarily used for this mind of tyranny.

No. This is  _real_  and  _directed_  and  _planned_  tyranny, and merely a small and exactly machined part thereof.

***We MUST NEVER ever say “Political Correctness Gone Mad”. It is utterly sane and directedly evil and rationally-based as a weapon for destroying language and thought in its enemies: and it knows it.

The people who use it, use it because they passionately and rationally believe what they are saying. They are intensely and consciously dangerous to liberty and to generalised human survival, and they know that too.

Evil can be, and often is, entirely rational in its thought-processes. Mao murdered 140 million people on purpose, because, since they were in the way, he had decided it was the right solution to his problems, encountered along the path of becoming the Lord of China and later the World.