I didn’t know that doctors were experts on “climate change”

David Davis

The Devil does the usual good job of demolition of these mountebanks. One thought that occurred to me was what doctors would do with themselves, if what they command did come to pass, and we all had “less”…stuff… like this:-

“…A low carbon-diet (especially eating less meat) and more exercise will mean less cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.”

If there are fewer ill people, then surely won’t we need fewer doctors? What are they all going to do? Enlist in the RAMC and go to Afghanistan where we could do with a couple right now today? Don’t think so somehow.

Working on the house…

…and rushing into the garden to pee on the hungriest-looking and the most undernourished vegetables, as you do (if you know which ones are what), it occurred to me that __if__ the GreeNazis are right, and Man is Ruining the Planet, then we all ought to piss and defecate on the garden, as the limiting resource is not really energy (we have trillions of trillions of tons, plus engineers and power-stations, so they are just wanking at us the Greens are) but Phosphorus.

We ought not to simply send all our waste phoshporus (about 2 grams a day per man) down the plughole, to the water-treatment system where God knows what will happen to it (socialism or something like that): we should recycle it directly onto our food-plants.

I put it to the GramscoFabiaNazubsistence-farmers that we all ought to be given a “Phosphorus-footprint”, inside which we all ought to be compelled to walk.

They can bring in food-rationing now, with a clear heart.

David Davis

DIVERSITY: Let’s all now celebrate “indigenous” cultures and “native peoples”. Let’s do this in, say, Bolton, and see what “The Sun” says…

I seem to remember that we pretty much supressed Suttee in India, by agreeing that although is was “their custom” to burn the widow, it was “our custom” immediately afterwards, to hang the murderers.

The pictures are quite high-res: what the f*** was the f*****g   journalist doing, then? Stopping this obscenity, or filming it?

David Davis

If it’s bad-in-Bolton, and we still couldn’t get away with it, isn’t it equally Nasty-and-Gross  in New-Guinea?

I expect it’s a young woman who’d been shagged by one too many “tribal” “elders”. Yep. Burn her. That’s all right isn’t it.

These buggers clearly “love death” (but not, er, ummmm, their own.)

It’s all about diversity of course, and we need to undergo sensitivity-training, to be able to understand why they need to burn this poor young woman.

Car tyres help of course. Oh, and petrol! How could I have forgotten…..?????  Not only can they thumb their nose at our morals, but they can use our technology to make their rituals more exciting.

How long before this sort of thing creeps back to Bolton, or Liverpool?

Prince of Wales “starves poor people” who could eat corn, puts food in Aston Martin fuel tank

David Davis


And if he only does “300 miles a year” in it, what’s the point of the expenditure? OK, it’s his own money (he does at least support himself, not like Al Gore.) But why crow publicly about something so inconsequential, if you think that global warming is (a) happening and (b) a problem and (c) we or he can do anything about it?

I think that Charles is surrounded by very very bad advisers, who are setting him up deliberately for a bad fall, and that this is deliberate, and that he’s clever but not quite clever enough to see it.

If God had not intended us to fly, then he would not have given us tickets.

David Davis

Interestingly funny stuff from The Appalling Strangeness, about “Plane Stupid“. Never heard of them myself, being a bumpkin, but if they protest about runways and all that gear and complain that poor people can fly everywhere cheaply, then I will do the opposite of what they recommend.

The Devil cooks them nicely too, here.

I entirely favour cheap flights, because it means that people who are less-rich, or not green, or (on the whole) who have been robbed and short-changed by socialist state education, can afford to go to and enjoy drinking in nice places which they would never ordinarily see. I can see exactly how this would absolutely make the charrerati see red, but that’s not my problem, it’s theirs. The chatterati should get out less, unless it’s to join a three-hundred-year-excursion package to visit Lenin’s mausoleum, with (no) bed (and) sleep-deprivation and half-board in the cellars of Dzerzinsky Square.