Michael Winning

Its unlikely Labour will be swept from power at all. I agree that socailists are clever at fixing ballots, for that’s their job, they sure know how to do it from great experience, so we are probably stuck with them after 2010. Oh well. to the barricades then.

But if they’re frightened its at least something.

You must watch it though, these are truly really madly deeply clever people and they mean all the bullshit they say here.

Better find out who “Lemondogs affordable web solutions” are. Dont think Id like a Lemondog. or any dog for that matter but they seem to like me. Don’t really go for dogs, they mostly have bad bretah and they smell. Pity I live where I do. Perhaps Lemondogs smell less bad, i don’t know.

or maybe Lemondogs is a person that  lives in a Welsh Cottage somewhere, maybe perhaps even in Wales like all they lefty people does, and does web-design for fascists, and has Golden Retrievers that like to go out and roll in the sheep=poo. If Id been at Bletchley Park that’s what I’d have said to Mr Turnig.

What Salford really thinks of Hazel Blears (and of mere ordinary folk instead)

David Davis (Director of Northern Affairs, Libertarian Alliance – don’t all get killed in the rush to laugh at once)

Here. (From Labourlist of all places.)

And here if you can’t get it if it’s down:-

Was this really a random act of vandalism?

Blears CarBy Bill Dewison

I read this morning that the car belonging to Hazel Blears has been attacked whilst she was out campaigning in Salford. All four tyres were slashed and the windshield smashed in the attack.

Hazel has been in touch with local news agencies apparently stating that it hasn’t got anything to do with the expenses scandal and her involvement with it. She states that it is purely anti-social behaviour and it is what the people of Salford have to endure regularly. Is it really, Hazel?

A couple of years ago I was driving down the road where her car was attacked and I heard thumping. I pulled over at the side of the road to discover I had a flat tyre, so as you do, went to fetch the spare. That was also flat. So now I’m in what Hazel describes as an area overrun with anti-social youths and I have no way of escaping. Should I run? Should I hide?

Within minutes local people had come over to see if I needed any help. I explained the situation and before I had a chance to say anything else one of the people was on a mobile phone arranging for my tyre to be fixed. It turned out my tyre was split around the outer wall and, as luck would have it, the local garage had a part-worn tyre. 20 minutes later it was on the wheel and another of the locals was helping me fit it. Total cost to me £20 and a couple of cigarettes shared with the people helping.

Now I could be wrong, but does that sound like an area overrun with anti-social louts who will randomly attack a car? My car was unlocked all the time I was there, and far from being threatening towards me, the local people – young and old – were trying their best to help someone in need. They didn’t need to do it – they could have sat back and watched me struggle.

Hazel needs to understand that at best what has happened to her car is an overspill of anger towards her and at worst it is a threat – and typecasting the people of Salford as random vandals is not going to win her any new friends. It might be time for her to consider leaving the campaign trail and either taking a back seat role at the next election or withdrawing from politics altogether.

Incidentally it is worth noting before anyone else does that she was also parked on double yellow lines.

What should libertarians do?

David Davis

There is a discussion going on over at Obnoxio the Clown, about a dilemma that libertarians ought to be facing. We are clearly now under the thumb of force-wielding pre-capitalist-warlord-bureaucrats-who-wannabe-overlord enslavers – particularly in the UK. Since their British variety is peculiarly vindictive and pernicious, and since aggressive surveillance and institutional harrassment constitutes the use of force aganst another person, where now ought we to stand in defence of liberty? (Obnoxio himself has just flagged it up too.)

This in the Daily Mail, regarding how Hazel Blears the chipmunk was received in her own constitutency of Salford, prompted me.

At least the expenses won't come to a lot here...

At least the expenses won't come to a lot here...

As one of a scratch-group of official spokesmen of the British Libertarian movement – if we can dignify ourselve comically by such a term – I do not condone gratuitous violence. And I ought not to. Not even against the property of self-confessed GramscoFabiaNazis (just read her words for dripping self-righteousness and undiminshed hubristical self-regard) but I think there will be worse to come. The people of the Political Enemy-Class are belatedly (for them) installing the full apparatus of a Police terror-State, and when it is up to speed it will be far more efficiently repressive and horrifying for trapped individuals than ever the USSR or the DDR was able to be: technology is a wonderfully effective thing in the hands of very clever police-minded repressors who have it in for liberal civilisation, and our side has been slow to realise the willingness with which ordinary traders will fall over themselves to sell it to such people.

There may come a time when people, however classically liberal, do not reject the hypothesis that revolution is the solution.