That’s the spirit!

David Davis

41%/vol beer….well I’ll believe it when I see it drink it, but that’s the real thing.

I shall be researching how to do this stuff, for when the State clamps down in prohibition, upon you all. Soon, I will publish a general guide to brewing and distilling. On the other hand, perhaps I won’t include distilling information, as it’s technically illegal…

Jamie Oliver didn’t-oughter-a-rubbed-up-to them shifty-scumbag-Food-Nazis….

……for he’s on their radar now, and they’ve just realised he’s actually, underneath, a businessman trying to make money by selling stuff people like the taste of. They’ll come and get him as well, in the end. Look what happened to the early friends of the French revolution.

You can’t spend 125 years on the telly, haranguing people about “freshness” and “organic” and “local food” and “healthy” nonsense, and tipping shedloads of fresh greens _without salt_ into vats of boiling stuff, without getting shitty mud on your clothes off the Food-Police and Gramscian dieticians and “choice editors”.

They’ll come for you, Jamie old cock, if you stray so much as a grain of salt off-line, in their eyes. They are dirty, bad bad people, and they’ll want you dead, along with the rest of us helots, ‘coz you betrayed them.

David Davis

And in the article we find also this:- (wonder if CASH is a fake-charity…)

Loyd Grossman has also been named and shamed in a study published by Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH).Read more:

…and the gloves are really coming off now. Cold tea…

we must reheat our undrunk teas and coffees.

David Davis

Truly, if these people believe in this stuff, then it has become the secular amoralist void-filling-vulgate in place of “religion”, and they are thus purposefully-evil.

I wonder if “WRAP” is a fake-charity? Maybe it ought to be on the list.

I don’t think even the august People’s Democratic Leaders of the GDR would have dared to suggest that their slaves drink reheated coffee and tea…not as a direct instruction anyway: perhaps only owing to “capitalist-induced-shortages”, then.