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How strange

How strange.

Keeley Hazell doesn’t want you to get burgled, so buy an i-Pod with a gun attached…..

David Davis

So that you can shoot straight, it seems you need an i-Pod now:-

Here she is, I expect the gun fits between the boobs, without being observed quickly:-


And, thanks to The Remittance Man, we have this, just in! When I grow up, I want to be like mommy:-

And here she is again….(update, someone on the interwebthingy seems to have removed the image from the link…)

Good night everybody, sleep well, for tomorrow may bring less electricity…

David Davis

So here’s Keeley Hazell to cheer you up:- (sorry about the pretentiously-twaddlistic music. I can do nowt about it.)

That’s all I could get without “signing up” to YOOTOOBE and saying how old (very old) I am etc etc etc so I could talk to you. So I could print topless stuff etc, although I would not as this is a family bolg (as you all no.)

And here’s a bit of stuff about power stations, to remind you of what you have lost. This stuff is endorsed by the anti-human-life guy James Hansen of NASA. He wants you all dead:-

Time to have a prod at Polly Toynbee again (with a sharp stick)

David Davis

Here she is trying to pretend that Conservative talk about families distracts from the real work of socialism, which is income redistribution.

Sad, sad woman. She either reall really does not get it about humans and life, or else she is truly a socialist, and thus wicked. I am beginning to fear the latter.