The Daily Mail outdoes _/itself/_ in triviality

David Davis

It is very nice – and I have no objection at all to these inconsequential models and celebs amusing themselves  at “charity auctions – that Sir Philip Green (more consequential to our fortunes than the others) can afford to pay £100,000 for some bits of blueish cloth. Especially as the money will go “to Haiti”. I wonder, though, how much Kate Moss’s “women and children” will see of it after the UN has got its fingers round the swagbag. I admire Sir Philip Green: he is a smart businessman, insofar as these still are these days, and knows what he is about. And so does cunning-Kate Moss – so aptly positioned for the camera so she could cry in public…..(I blame the wicked and evil woman “Princess” Diana)….still “reeling” from the death of Alexander McQueen (who he?)

It’s a nice little minidress, though. If I had a 20-y-o girlfriend, I’d probably get her mates to run one up on a sewing-machine for her. Shame about the leather bra-restrainer that the poor dead-bugger saw fit to apply to the top of it, though. She’d look better without it.

When the world is sliding towards the cesspool, the Falklands are about to “brew up” again, Brown’s spent all our money, and even Polish satellite TV finds it more important to report on China, the Greek-State crash bailout, Iran and French Internet-censorship, one of our leading MSM papers finds space for this kind of tosh.

Fashionistas, culture, mob-emotion, triviality and liberty

David Davis

Jonathan Pierce says over at Samizdata that there’s a good quote from the estimable George Pitcher, about the public collective mourning for Alexander McQueen, the “fashion” “designer”. Of course any human death is sad and regrettable, for we ordinary people do not resemble Stalin in that way. Except of course for the deaths of self-made-scumbags like Kim Jong-Il, his pals Hitler, Castro and Pol Pot, and Jaques Derrida (not sure what this fellow is famous for except deconstructing things people liked, and influencing too many more.) No, these deaths are not regrettable at all, but are to be cheered to the rooftops.

The best bit for me was ” I had just flicked on the TV in my hotel room and there was some moist-eyed fashonista popsicle being asked about his legacy. “He changed the silhouette of trousers forever,” she replied earnestly, her voice almost breaking with emotion. “

The Gramsco-Greenazis have nobbled the telegraph

David Davis

Today, there are at least five major news or feature-refs to climte change, implicitly meaning AGW. Here, here, here, here, and here.

and, why do these bloody models always look so effing miserable? There they are, their names and fizzogs in lights, modelling the planet’s most expensive togs, and yet they’re always scowling as if they’ve just eaten a piece of dogshit:-




…and you sort of feel sure that Mr Versace or whatever his name is ought to have been able to afford to give the poor girl a nice pair of b***s, before sendng her out like that….like this one:-


Ta, they feel better, can I go on the catwalk now?

Ta, they feel better, can I go on the catwalk now?

The Remittance Man’s old blog that got ASBO’d has moved to here

David Davis

No….not HERE, moron….here!

I shall be updating his blogroll links for everyone, as no doubt we all enjoy his rants, his imitations of the Devil, his “aunties” and other similar ladies in lingérie (shame about the occasional thigh-boots, it’s so, er, sort of, well, authoritarian) the derrières of the day, Risaldar-Major’s instructions, and the like.

As leftist stalkers, planet-murderers, death-eaters and other fascist necrophiles, gearing up their act, follow good liberal blogs about, trying to down them as they can’t out-write them, we shall have to start keeping up.

Of course the “Dear Leader” is dead. There is a long tradition of deathness-in-life, in Communist Juntas.

David Davis

I thought later that I would do all you buggers a favour and just get the photo here for you too, to which the article refers……

The Torygraph has this funny, jovial piece today, which, as with all pieces about the suffering and death which must inevitably come to murdering wicked lefty fascist bastards like the “Dear leader” and others I have often named and shamed, filled me with some momentary delight. Then I needed a beer to recover.

I have only one gripe about it:-

By what authority are the inanely-grinning fascist tin-soldier-zombies (on left of picture) wearing “Sam Browns“? I bet you an organic potato that they looted them from dead Yanks in 1952 or something, the bastards.

I was not aware that the temporary death-camp known as North Korea had cavalry regiments, unless we have seriously over-estimated its military capabilities.

The item as worn in this picture, not quite correctly, and at the wrong belt-height for their build, and over service-dress-material which is simply much, much too thin and also the wrong colour (typical socialist failure to do anything right, even run a bath) makes them look even more-irremediably-stupid gits than they actually are in reality. (Neither S-B is correctly positioned over either right shoulder.  It’s a “252” offence in each case (“conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline, in that he…”)). They should have done their research before releasing such saddo pix to the world.

And there’s no visible panty-line on any of the faggots. Either their trousers are too loose, or they have forgotten to say goodbye properly to their tarts. Eat your heart out, Mark!

Of course Kim-Jong-Il is dead. Fascist lefty leaders do indeed often die months. or even years, before the end of their “tenure”. Krzhchzev only managed it by days, but Brzezhniev managed weeks, or months. The wicked pig Castro is currently in the lead, and may manage even more than one year. This merely accentuates their superiority over ordinary mortals, since they are still able to “guide and lead” their “adoring people”, after corporeal death…..

…just like gods, in fact.

Poor wicked deluded Yasser Arafat, possibly the worst thing ever to have been inflicted on a people who don’t exist, except for socialist-world-ordering-purposes, but who are real individuals nevertheless, and have to come to sensible lliberal agreements about how to live somewhere, nearly made it into immortal-government. But the BBC spent so much money on British-broadcasting-women crying all over the film, that we shall never know. he probably did really die a few hours before the silly grassing-up-media said he did. the crying women would have done better to pretend he was alive and to keep quiet.

Learn something from your more serious masters, like Stalin and Castro, you wet western wimpish Fabians. You might do better against us.

Perhaps the fascist left system is superior in one way, for “Western” “leaders” have ot yet mastered this technique of government-after-death….but I bet you another organic potato that they are working on it.