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Nice lady, so sh****le, such a shame she’s gone to the bad.

Not by me of course, for I am a married man. I just lie back and think of England imagine what it is like, these days. I merely weep for all you lot out there.

David Davis

When the planet cools some more, and the French have stopped building nuclear power stations as it will be too cold for the concrete to set properly, she will be sorry.

I mean, who cares these days, whether anyone wears fur or not? this was the 1980s hippy anti-Western thingy. They’ve moved ontl golbal warming, I thought. And anyway, it’s just animals. We eat them for goodness sake as it’s our job – what is worse? Eating them, or wearing them for a bit longer until they go musty?

Silly little young woman. There would have been more exciting ways of showing off your (quite nice, although I suspect you are too tall for a woman – I like quite short women best) body. These ways would do less damage to ordinary human beings – such as on Page 3 –  and please more guys, and would make you more popular and better known. You could become a banker, even if you did not marry a sensible South London Plasterer first. Go instead and get a life as banker or something else equally useful, like mobile gardening services.

Global stalinist bank meltdown…no money…F1 “chiefs” voice fears

David Davis

Formula -1 is, in the final analysis, a quite libertarian sport. Not like the Stalinist collectivist flag-waving “olympics”, in which States pretend to idolize individuals, but don’t mean it at all, for there is no champagne or cups. The regulation bureaucrats, such as the “Regional Prime Minister of upper-Thuringia-Alsace” (er…I made it up, but he probably exists) troop on but are relegated mercifully to secondary supporting roles, like handing up the cup.

In the end, it’s this. It comes down to how good a driver or his engineers, or his computer-techies, are. I would like it to be cleaned up just only a little bit, so that we could have some more excitement while yet preserving the individuality.

Gerhard Berger, great guy, good driver, thinks this. I think so too. if the buggers want £300 million a year for a couple of engines and about 8 tyres and a driver and a petrol hose, then right now it’s not going to happen like before. Especially if half the banks who used to sponsor them don’t exist or are bust.

The whole sport should gird itself up, grit its teeth, and follow our new suggested model, which will both make it cheaper to enter and also more fun.

F1: Mark Webber takes you round the Singapore night-race this weekend.

David Davis

If I as a libertarian was running Formula-1, I’d probably throw away some of the rules, as restricting the fun, frolics, f***-ups and offs. The objective ought to be to keep more drivers in the race for longer, while increasing the number of incidents of all kinds. The races should still be short, under three hours, otherwise we might just as well all go to Le Mans or on Top Gear with those humorous madmen who drive across continents in disreputable old bangers costing $5…

We’d probably relax the car specs compared with now, and go to bigger engines both for endurance and cheapness, to encourage more teams and make the entry-cost lower. A 2.4-litre V8 that needs to do upwards of 17,000 RPM, for up to 500 miles, and provide something like 800 or 900bhp, is just madness on stilts. Put these in road-cars as-is, to do the usual 4,000-ish, where they belong – and get real about racing engines.

Much, much longer circuits, such as the old Hockenheim which disappeared for miles through proper forest, would come back. See our Lancashire one which we proposed a little while ago. We might even get 10 laps of the M25! That would test engine endurance a bit, here:-

And on-track real-time repairs (you could drop the mechanics, with their tools and stuff, right “on” the beached car, by helicopter) would be allowed. There’d be more hazards as a result, which will be more fun.

Such rules would re-advantage the Anglosphere and the Germans, which is what we want now. We and they are good at responding to stress under fire- this would also have the benefit of re-disadvantaging Ferrari, who, with their friends in Paris, re-jig the rules in their favour every time they are losing out a bit.

An injection of a little libertarianism will not do this sport any harm.

OK so he’s lost it … Well, Ferrari need to be helped, and they are in the EU after all, and we are not, and hey! Hamilton is even black!

David Davis

Brian Mickelthwait, libertarian blogger, talks about cricket the whole time, so I guess that lets me bore you abour Formula-1.

I would have bet £500,000 on this appeal result, if I had had the moolah to hand. I’d have guessed 1000:1 that McClaren win and 1:11-on that Ferrari get what they want (which they did.)

Am I the only person who thinks that the FIA have it in for British teams right now – and – worse – that the “Europeans” (especially dyed-in-the-wool Savoyards like Ferrari) can’t stand being shown up by a “black” driver (who’s British, which makes it even worse!)

Whats that thing on his head?

What's that thing on his head?