Oh dear, a spat with Pakistan, again

David Davis

UPDATE: I forgot to include a link to the report – apologies.

Our Coagulation-PM has got into hot water, it seems, with certain nationalist elements in the Pakistani Intelligence Services.

Apparently this is what Cameron said:-

”But we cannot tolerate in any sense the idea that this country is allowed to look both ways and is able, in any way, to promote the export of terror whether to India, whether to Afghanistan or to anywhere else in the world.”

The problem of interpretation centres on TWO WORDS…”able” and “promote”. If his advisers had said to him to say “unable” to “prevent”, or even “finds it difficult to prevent”, then I don’t think the ISI could have complained – for that would, as we all know, be substantively true.

Perhaps the coagulation is going to founder on the rock of the British Political Enemy-Class, which still owns the Terms Of Discourse, which wants our culture and civilisation dead, which believes what it is saying and thinks we don’t think that, and still, sadly, briefs Cameron’s speechwriters.

Pakistan is a surprisingly large place, like neighbouring Afghanistan, and it is difficult to police much of it, even had its government the strategic will and vision to supress “certain elements”.

“Johnny-Taliban” is clearly getting his gear (even if not his squaddies) from somewhere, and nearby – given his logistics-set-up – is the obvious place. I don’t think the Russians’ writ quite runs as well as it did in those parts in the 1970s/80s, so “north” is probably out: furthermore, ShootinPutin187 knows, to a nicety, how far to push us or not, and this is not something he’d go the the stake over.

France always makes trouble for the Anglosphere on principle, whenever it can. That’s how it is: it’s France’s job and has been for 1,000 years. So I’m prepared to believe that money might be coming from there, if not explosives and IED-technology. But Occam’s Razor does, sadly, point to our old chum “West Pakistan”.

If the ISI geeks want to flounce, let them.

If fruit lorries cannot cross the border, then soldiers will

Look, people: I’m pissed off with this sort of puerile stuff now. It only occurs when States get involved in distorting markets. If only they’d bloody keep out of it, and inefficient French kumquat-growers were buggered out of the market temprarily by less-inefficient Spainsh ones, the whole caboodle to be overtaken by even cheaper Ethiopians who have got rid of “Bob Geldof and the effing money (which never arrived)” then everybody would be happy.

David Davis

Date: 20/08/2009 17:24:57 GMT Daylight Time
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(ANSAmed) – ROME, AUGUST 20 – About 150 French fruit and vegetable growers have today set up a partial roadblock of highway A9 along the border with Spain, in order to stop Spanish lorries transporting fruit from entering France. The producers began protesting after an appeal from the National Federation of Farmers and Young Farmers Unions and will be handing out, as part of the protest, peaches and nectarines to car drivers going by. “No Spanish lorry will get past the border this morning,” warned Michael Pntier, head of the farmers unions, who spoke out against the unscrupulous Spanish competition on fruit and vegetable products and urged French citizens to only eat national products in order to help the sector get through the crisis. (ANSAmed).
2009-08-20 17:17


The Lickey Bank, science and engineering

David Davis

I have not previously appended my by-line to posts about trains. You might have begun to think that I was a “train spotter” and that would never do. (Google it.)

The point about trains, generally, is that they are among the first machines that could get about relatively freely that could also show the mastery of chaos, pre-capitalist barbarism, hunger, pandemic disease, penury and mass death, by the Human Mind left free To Think.

The Tragedy Of  The Trains was that States, such as “Prussia” (very bad in  _nearly all_  statist ways but not in others to do with individual obligation) and “France” (almost as bad in  _some other_  ways, such as intellectuo-civilisational-hubris, but great food and wine and weather) got hold of the idea: States thought that Trains could be used for war (right) and for transporting people in “systems” of “public transport” (wrong.) The point of trains was to cut the price of coal, iron ore, stone, brick, cement, timber, fresh meat, fish and milk and perishables by about a half or more than that, and amplify the speed of delivery by about four or five. Big States, such as “Prussia”, which invented Modern War the NHS and State Pensions and UB40s, corrupted trains.

For those who are not totally acquainted with the more fine achievements of steam railway power, the Lickey Incline, at about 1 in 37.7  for just over two miles, functions more or less like the vertical side of a house for proper trains. Brunel was against it. He got fired. Someone else was brought in to do a line, under private-finance-partnership-type-quango rules of incentive. Yes, a modern turbodiesel-electric will go up it as if it was flat, but it’s more boring and uses less “resources”. So here you go…here’s some trains, showing graphically what hand-fired steam traction is all about:-

Hamas hypocrisy special alert: what’s a “Hamas” “leader” doing, supporting (I presume?) FOUR wives and living in a “five-storey-house”?

David Davis

UPDATE: You can, if you feel like it, send money to Pizzaidf.org, to annoy people like David Miliband (you want to do that, don’t you surely?) or even to annoy ShootinPutin187, and also scumbags like Alexi Sayle***, Bianca Jagger****, George Galloway MP, Ken Livingstone and Sarah Teather MP…..(thanks Guido!)

***who is she?

****I can’t remember what this Bianca-man said he was famous for.

Hamas is of course naturally mindful, being their protectors and guardians, of the plight of the miserably wretched people of “Gaza City” and the surroundings. Yes. However, one of their self-appointed “leaders” – I guess we oughtn’t to joke since all our leaders theses days are self-appointed – lived in what seems to me to be a quite large dwelling.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not a socialist Gramsco-Marxian. I am that creature turned upside-down. I believe that people who say that they are setting out to help less fortunate people ought to do like St Francis did (in the beginning) and they should have no shoes. They should have nothing themselves. The Pope approximates to this state by pretending that everything he owns belongs to the Church. Some Popes even nearly achieved it, like John Paul II. John Paul II left his watch to someone (I think it was a goodish one like a Rolex, given to him as a present by some Prime Minister or other) and some books which he owned, to someone else: that’s how it’s done, that’s the real thing.

Hamas  university lecturers unconcerned merciless murdering killer thugs just like BBC-Saint Yasser Arafat (was), ought not to go about living in “five storey houses”, having loads of wives caged women to f**k when it suits them, and then expect not to be rocketed by the Israelis. Hamas, whatever it may be, is the main obstacle in the way of Palestinians generalised Sephardic Arabs (there is no such thing as a “Palestinian”  – trust me! I am nearly one myself, by the Nazi-Islamist-Gestapo-definition!) getting what comprises their natural rights within the area of the Middle East.

‘Nuff said.

Israel, Gaza and a load of crap. Happy new year.

David Davis

I know! I’m French! F*** les docteurs et les chirugéons! Let me through….I’m an énarque! L’état: c’est moi!

I’ll tell the Israelis to send in loads of food and medicine to the enemy!

In return for which Hamas will see if they can stop firing rockets and any other sorts of stuff, against the same said Israelis!

Gordon Bennett…..

Very logical as you can see.

Why ought Gaza to need aid? What is wrong with its government and its polity, that it can’t provide for itself? Why has “aid” always to come from whom it says is its sworn enemy? What is Egypt (not) doing, and why not? What is Iran (not) doing and why not?

And where’s Saudi Arabia in all this: where’s the money gone? Don’t come crying to me that some “princess” has auctioned her lingerie for food for Gazans….And don’t all you lefties come in here and tell me that Israel won’t let the stuff in. Bastards you are, liars and scumsucking turds.

If Israel goes down, it will be a setback for liberalism. You’ll all have to work much harder, later, for less certainty. You heard me say this here, read my lips, on the LA blog, on 30th December 2008, at 19.44 GMT. Out.

UPDATE: Counting Cats sums it all up. But nobody will listen.

French speeding fine challenges: the strategic problem of British Libertarianism is that we are not Poujadists.

David Davis

Obnoxio the Clown happily moderates his usual level of un-re-bloggable-invective, and flags up an interesting problem. It now seems the the French Gestapo Police have cottoned on to the idea of anti-motorist-speed-camera-radar-directed-police-fundraising, in the way that the British Gestapo Police have been doing for some time. He cites an interesting website which automatically challenges speeding accusations, resulting in the need for a court to be convened. (Thanks for the link, Clown!)

In France, I expect this will work quite well, for the ghost of Pierre Poujade still happily stalks that unfortunate land which continues to need his services, and the State-motorist-fining-system could be toppled. France, after all, has a history of successful revolutions, driven from below: although we cannot always be positive about the results – look at 1789……However, as France is not, and never has been, a democracy in the liberal English classical pluralist sense that we understand the term to mean, this kind of blown-safety-valve-release-mechanism is part of how laws are made or unmade in that polity. Yes, grillions of French motorists will try this methid of overloading the justice system regarding speeding. It will b fun.

But in Britain, our problem is that we’ve been so non-violent and so used to “The Rule Of Law” for so long, that we confuse “laws” with “Law”. We have forgotten how to behave unreasonably and violently towards bureaucracy-toerags who think they can say frankly that they can decide what the “law” is. I don’t think there are what Chris Tame called “enough people to make a difference” left in Britain.

So the idea will not take off here, and Clown’s pessimism is not misplaced. But I remain to hope to be surprised.