Greenazis shift target…coming for your food, at a field near you, now

David Davis

This worries me intensely. I am not a violent man: no really, I am not. But we really, really may have, one day, to cook, and eat, for our lives, all these nasty, anti-farming and anti-technology people.

Here’s an idea for the anti-GM “food terrorists”

David Davis

If the “government” is planning “secret locations” for GM food crop trials, they had then better not fence them off so transparently as to scream as though with a loud-hailer where they are. “Activists”, then not knowing what is GM and what is not, will then have to go about the nation destroying and burning all food crops regardless.

This will be good in the end, as we will all then know what they really think – not about what sort of food we all eat, but about humanity in general. Let them come into the open: let’s make sure these trials are not labelled or fenced.

If there has to be a proper war between civilisation and those inside it who would destroy it, then let it be brought on now.