“I have to say to you” “I have to say to you”

David Davis

This is a droidette of the Enemy Class, order-1.  h/t Mr Eugenides. The machine is being filmed in full flight: it is awesome to behold the brass-neck of the device which is on-camera, non-human as it may be, in its destiny.

The watching of, and the listening to that, is priceless stuff. The evasiveness is nothing, compared with the sheer, astonishing separation of the machine’s perception of reality when compared with where human beings see reality to be.

Very bad NASA satellite launch failure…..why?

…because we will not now get the truth in time.

David Davis

The global-climate-change-Gramsco-MarxiaNazi-buggers, and their   _very_   close friends who are the starvation-driving-mass-people-slaughterers, will not now be faced with the evidence – which is that Man is   _not_   causing “global warming”. Thye have cleverly scuppered the satellite – and can simultaneously discredit what ordinary people call “rocket-science”….so that it’s for them a “one-stone-solution to a two-bird problem”.

As regards rocket-science, they will be able to sya how inept we all are, and should stay here and subsistence-farm with chicken manure and stuff.

As regards “global warming”, they will be able to say that “the Science” is “still settled”, for there is still “no” evidence for their hypothesis being proved not to be true.


Simple really.

You just do the insurance-equivalent of setting your car on fire, to claim the dosh and pretend it was all right anyway.

Wicked climate-change fraud properly exposed, in plain langauge, at last.

David Davis

Excellent exposé by Bishop Hill, about the carefully-diguised but fraudulent manipulation of data and preocessing, used to convince gullible people or those with little free time and a lot to do. Lots of useful embedded links to primary sources. Hat tip Samizdata, courtesy of Brian Mickelthwait, and I think the Englishman’s got his teeth into its ankle also. (Useful but slightly irrelevant, although amusing, links to all about Richard Dawkins included free if you see him.) You’ll all be pleased to see that The Devil has picked it up, too, and is somewhat less amused by the scale of the fraud even than I am!

And for some real dunking in proper coloured graphs and all that stuff, go to John Daly, here.

More about “Fairtrade” and fraud-scams.

David Davis

The Torygraph has this today.

John Say, of our gentleman-type-writer team, said this a few months ago too – 18th March 2008.

“Fair Trade” kit does not solve any problems – a typical erroneous fascist left “solution” for the wrong problem. Sadly, and expensively, the right solution is to abolish (it may have to be colonially, but I’d hope not) the socialist dictocracies set up in the wake of “decolonisation” by the denizens of the Bandung Generation – egged on as they were by well-meaning but cretinous Western governments.

We’ll also have to clear out most of the current crop of teachocrats in Britain’s state schools and (most of) its Universities too. I’ve no idea what they will do to earn a crust, so therefore I am so very very sorry for them and their families in this eventuality: it’s their problem for they brought us to it – but they won’t be allowed near a school, a university, or a computer, or a telephone, for a very very very long time, if at all. I guess that they will just have to learn to be sensible plasterers or brickies’-mates, or just drive tractors…no, that’s too responsible a job, they might run over a Libertarian non-politician accidentlaly-on-purpose.

This is a very un-Libertarian solution to a problem not of our making. All we were was asleep. (I suppose that’s bad, yes.)

I’m beginning to think that pure, passive Libertarianism, unleavened by some revolutionary activity, is not going to be enough any more.

Sometimes I get very angry. Sorry.