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Samizdata, speed-cameras, surveillance, safety, security, and submission

David Davis

I am just as incensed about the notion that our travels should be as transparent to the State as our emails and blogs are and will soon be.

Obnoxio the Clown deftly deals with the entire matter in a few well-chosen words, as is his main skill. The dear fellow: how much poorer would the world be, without his frequent and carefully-phrased explanations of our rulers’ actions.

But something else has got into the woodwork of the corruption that is now the relational-space between The Individual and The State. I was surprised by this….something else has been advocated here. Samizdata is the last place I would have expected to see this, but one begins to share the sentiment that the time for the following types of protest is passed:-

“writing to your MP” (he’s not listening any more – he just want money, and to ride in an armoured Merc-4-a-Jerk)

“writing to the Times” (it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch who supports who’s in charge at the time: or perhaps the Editor won’t print you anyway)

“writing to the local paper” (it’s owned by the Daily Mirror now…’nuff-said)

“getting a petition up” (they’ll bin it, afetr taking your name and address, for…re-education, later)

It has been a source of wonderment to me at how very, very few speed cameras one sees having been serviced by the Common People. (I believe that “to service”, the infinitive of the transitive verb, was used in the Cold War to mean “kill the enemy on the battlefield”.)

I don’t think the Libertarian Alliance would want to be associated with advocating the vandalisation of speed cameras. Even though they are ever so intrusive and authoritarian as a notion. But there comes a point where 20,000 white vans, containing 60,000 chain-smoking brickies, who are equipped with 60,000 2-stroke Stihl-saws, all 60,000 of which start promptly on pulling the cord, could service most cameras in the UK between 02:00 am and 02:10 am on Thursday, and go home again.

Rather than that, I advocate the Poujadist solution, which is that ALL drivers ought to continuously and routinely fly past the new cameras, piling up “speeding” statistics, and refusing to co-operate with the Law here, which should be routinely and constantly broken. Bad, authoritarian laws are for breaking. The courts will be overwhelmed, and the confiscated-car-pounds will eventually overflow and have to be opened to the rightful owners.

Really, the abiding conundrum is why the English People – in all countries where they live – even such as Australia (which seems to be becoming a test-bed for all sorts of nasty stuff) – have been so very, very supine in the submissive acceptance of all this gear, even in the early stages> This was when a few old chaps who fought in the War could have growled menacingly, on television, thrown a few bricks and a bit of paraffin, and the BureauNazis would have backed away. Too late for that now, I fear: Samizdata may be right.


Israel and Gaza: Gordon Brown thinks “too many” have died. Gordon…how many are “just enough” as opposed to “too many”?

David Davis

I learn that Israel has launched an actual invasion. The problem with home-grounded enemies who attack you is that, eventually, you have to go to them, to take them out. We did, once. (If you read modern GCSE history “syllabuses”, we are beginning to be blamed, a bad sign.) But this is merely what Israel has done. Go now to http://pizzaidf.org and do your stuff then, since the guys need a drink and a snack.

While, as a libertarian, I regard war as a horrible statist solution to otherwise-intractable problems, and thus in this situation the only thing less bad than no war at all and the consequencesof that, I do wrestle with the dilemma, even in my dreams, of what to do about ultra-statists – which is to say, people like Hamas.

Hamas and others like them are imitation-person-troids who arrogate to themselves all the trappings of statehood, such as Mercs-for-Jerks, and rockets, and “ministries” of this, that and the other, while shallowly sloughing off all the concommitant responsibilities for people’s well-being and liberty chiefly, which they profess to care about. Such as for individual people’s needs and rights that high-statists claim to support but actually refute in practice.

Such person-troids are often egged on in their masturbatory megalomania by other person-troids, such as the government of Russia the USSR, the EU, the UN (what did you expect? Spaghetti from these dudes?)

It will get worse. I only fear that ShootinPutin187 will threaten something dire about the windpipe of Europe, and everybody will cave in and support Hamas before it’s too late for the buggers……and the whole thing will have to be done again, later and worse.


WHY has Hamas, and Gaza, got “no diesel” for its power station and pumping apparatus, and which has to be shipped in by Israel (which it brands its mortal enemy, and which it will wipe off the map given a chance) when  Hamas gets all that moollah from the EU all the time? What does Hamas spend its money on?



Five-storey-houses, for its “leaders” and their (four) wives?

Why not some diesel for its people? Even I could buy diesel if I wanted to. I’m sure Hugo Chavez would let them have some, for money, like he does to Castro the (other) murderer.

Anti-Car Transport Nazis: Manchester rejects “congestion charge” (but will get one anyway. You watch.)

UPDATE 13.12.08…..And what did I tell you, below?

David Davis

A little bird has told me that “Manchester voters” have rejected a proposed “congestion charge” scheme. For foreign readers who live in free nations, this is a way whereby the Greenazis charge you real money to do what you need to do using cars, trucks and lorries in towns and cities, and pretend to spend the money on “integrated public transport systems”, whisch is to say: their “salaries”.

Manchester has just been put through what the Nazis call a “consultation process”. it will get one of these schemes whether it likes it or not, ans we are all too busy trying to scratch our arses to protest in the only ways that will ultimately mean anything.

Al Gore “probably kills people” – official

David Davis

Light blogging today as I have to take the wife to do the week’s shopping at ASDA, kind of right now, and owing to Global Warming, we are having a month’s rain in 24 hours in Lancashire, and it’s of course our own fault.

But to amuse you all, Al Gore, and his mottley crue of Gramsco-MarxiaNazi jesters, are, allegedly, “suspected of killing people“.