The Twelve Angry Men pass comment on Obama vs McCain…vs who else?

David Davis

I follow this interesting and quite libertarian blog from time to time, having first had them brought to my notice over the tragedy of the disappearing Chemistry Sets (about which I have sadly done nothing useful yet.) They have a later post about this grave matter here, and there may be others I have not yet found.

Pretending, as I do, to teach Science in my retirement, I always get a thrill from watching the faces of students, when we do something pretty, coloured or explosive, such as one of these:-

I can’t afford Potassium, so we do it with Sodium instead, which is less horrendously expensive.

The little buggers like this one too:-

I have not yet tried this one, but may take it with me next week:-

They love this one. On the TV prog “Brainiac”, it is called “Peter Logan’s exploding paste”:-