Is the UK government misleading the public on COVID tests?

So, that’s over 9 million COVID tests done in the UK up to June 27th a.m. Sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it? As of today (July 1st), that count has moved on to 9,426,631 – fourth in the world in total tests! (The UK is also fourth in the world in COVID deaths per million population, and closing in on Andorra for third place; but that’s another story). Now… is that figure believable?

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Czars, inept stalinist-collectivist western governments, and spin. Who will over-Czar the Czars?

David Davis

I had been wondering about this very problem for some time, until I came accidentally across this post on Manhattan Capital. I have no clue what Manhattan Capital is generally about, but if they are scurrilously ironic about today’s Western (should be but aren’t) liberal governments and their fixation with “appearing to do something about” “problems” by appointing “Czars”, then they are on the right side.

I couldn’t resist reprinting it:-

Über Czar to be Renamed

By Jennifer Kerfuffle, Universal News Co, Feb. 11, 2008. 1.1PM

The Federal Agency for Renaming Solutions, which is working overtime to find a more attractive title for the bank bailout program TARP, will also tackle the task of renaming the Czar Czar—the Czar that rules over all other Czars. 

The office of the US Czar Czar was recently created to oversee the exponentially growing army of czars appointed to control all aspects of existence. The czars are being given distinctive names, such as Autocrat for the Car Czar, Munarch for the Municipal Bond Czar, Bail Boss for the Bank Czar and Morticia for the Mortgage Czarina. 

“Our staff is working 24 hours a day searching for appropriate names,” said Snaky Mox, the director of FARS. “These are very complex issues for which there is no precedent, so we need to be free to make judgment calls along the way.”

One possible new name for the Czar Czar has cropped up in the blogosphere, where several stories were posted to the effect that FARS has already decided on the new title, which is to be Cza Cza Gabor. 

Ms. Mox said she cannot comment because new names have to get security clearance before they can be made public. She says malicious clones are spreading rumors that are not true, such as the rumor that the Space Czar is named Captain Kirk. FARS announced yesterday that the Space Czar will in fact be named The Great Big Head.