Very bad news…a death to be soon announced

David Davis

The death of the USA as a free and un-socialistically-encumbered nation will be announced in the next few decades. The rot sets in, although happily I suppose (as Enoch Powell once told some of us) “it takes quite some time.”

The Obamessiah’s healthcare “reforms” will soon, it is feared, take place.

You’d think they would look in horror across the Atlantic, to what has happened to us since 1948, and recoil. perhaps it adds evidence to my thesis that GramscoFabiaNazis like Obama do what they do on purpose.

Either we’re about to pull out, or else there’s an election coming

David Davis

So, Gordon Brown has just popped in for a brew with the lads, over on the front, eh? Bet they’re pleased.

The effing bastard will either win the election, or there’ll be a hung-one. You just watch. He’s a wicked socialist scumbag schemer and shyster and snake-oil-salesman, just like his mate Stalin, and you see if I’m right or not. If he gets in again, you just see if he doesn’t end up having people murdered in dank cellars, in the “Ministry” of something or other. Read my friend Richard Blake’s novel “The Terror of Constantinople”, which is prophetic.

Bet each reader of this 1p that Gordon wins, and that the election will have been rigged. You can pay the Libertarian Alliance by paypal when you lose.

Buggering people up: lifting the lid on British-State Soviet-wheelie-bins

David Davis

Time I said something. Sorry, I have been rather ill lately, hope it’s not anything more serious. I don’t seem to want to eat much these days, which is quite odd, and I have trouble “in the mornings”, sort of in the bathroom. Relying on the other blogger-team somewhat.

The nice chap over at An Englishman’s Castle has said that he’s found a RFID chip in his wheelie-bin, from the Kennet Council Soviet, monitoring whether he’s an old lady who needs help with her wheelie-bin being moved (I don’t think…).

I suggest you look under, in, on top of, and round the back of, all your wheelie-bins, take out by force the various accoutrements that you uncover and which register on a magnetometer, and send them back to where they came from.

GramscoFabiaNazis CAN be confronted and beaten, locally, with forethought and commitment

David Davis

Tickle Cock Bridge has got its proper name back, after “local people” objected en masse to the GramscoSoviet renaming it “Tittle Cott Bridge”….the excuse for the Gramsco bit was that…oh… “a Councillor spotted it and wrote it down like that”…


It shows that the GramscoFabiaNazis _can_ be browbeated in their own front yards – which are in any case ours – and so it shows how they will be made to go without our having to resort to war.

As to criticisms of my term “GramscoFabiaNazi”:-

(1) They apply Gramscian political conflict theory to how they go about undermining and replacing our value systems with theirs,

(2) They are Fabians, in that they know how to boil frogs, very very slowly, and this is what makes them, in the British context, especially dangerous, for we as a nation are inclined to laziness in maintaining defences, and this has always been a serious and potentially mortal failing on our part,

(3) They are Nazis in that Green-Leftist-State-Fascism is what they propose to impose.

How to destroy private schooling in the UK

David Davis

First, get to be the “government”. Then, get your hands on some shiny levers called a “ministry of education” or whatever: if necessary, build the machine with the levers on it and staff it with your fellow-travellers.

Next, make noises about “investing in people”, and that your priorities are “education, education, education”. (They are of course, just not in the way people think you mean.)

Then, get your digits round the windpipes of institutions that have flocked to your bait, of “money” and “funding”. Threaten them with cold turkey if they don’t admit who you say…

Finally, attack the already-struggling private schools, with threats to modify their “taxation status”, or with extra supernumerary burdens “in the community”.

I could go on: but you all know where this is heading.

If there _is_ a war on terrorism, then we should conduct one. If not, then not.

David Davis

Charles Moore in his inimitable style discusses why we don’t stop little old  white Caucasian ladies at airports.

We as libertarians all know that “the war on terror” is a machinery-device by the GramscoFabiaNazis. It is designed for “security-theatre” purposes.

The “Moslems” are merely an identifiable fall-guy-group, who can be blamed publicly. Of course, none (much) can be charged with anything, mostly because nearly all of them are not guilty of doing anything to hurt us, so it “does not stand” as a case. They ought not to allow themselves to submit to this sort of public vilification: mostly this can be done by allying themselves wholeheartedly with “Western Values”, _/In Public/_ , which is very easy and which requires no religious alliegance to anything whatever except an honest and checkable commitment to secular liberalism.

The “War on Terror”  is here only and exclusively to control and enslave the populations of The West whose aspirations, lifestyle and values the GFNs hate, and want dead so they can inherit such power and wealth as is left undecomposed.

The GFNs are thus the ultimate harbingers of evil, wickedness and oblivion, although they themselves either don’t know it – or – more likely – they  _/do/_   know it, but have no care whatsoever for the rest of Humanity which may not be party to their desires and impulses of death and solo-deliverance.