This is all very nice and cosy…


David Davis says it’s a PR stunt designed to coincide with the Copenhagen religious celebration of pagan pre-capitalist neopastoralist Nazi barbarism.

3,500MWh (per year) sounds like a sexy big number. And the population of Westray is “600”. But let’s take it to bits. This is 3,500,000 Kwh. This is 1,26E13 Joules, which equates to a true duty-cycle-adjusted output of 399.6 Kw.

Let’s be generous and say 450 Kw. I can imagine Westray being fairly windy, by our standards here. (And it won’t be spinning all the time – I have taken the given figures as allowing for the wind-dependent duty-cycle.)

Then, also, it’s rather a big turbine. 220 feet tall. (What’s its service life? Anyone know? And what are the servicing costs which will apply throughout its life?)

That’s a mean year-round availability of  750 watts per inhabitant. On an island of 600-odd people, where I guess there are not that many single mothers or single male yuppies commuting by helicopter to Edinburgh or Aberdeen or Lerwick, and people live in settled conservative-type “households” of 3-5 people, this output is not ungenerous, unless everyone on Westray wants to take a powershower all at once on a windless Sunday evening in winter, when the Grid-connection (even if there is one)  is not able to provide voltage in the right direction.

I do not see much wrong in providing stuff like this for people who live in such places, unless the funding is got by the means stated (the “Big Lottery”, whatever that is – it sounds like the Urban Poor of Bootle and Battley and Brighouse have paid for this turbine, which is bad.)

But to do this for a population of 70 millions, which is what the gramscoFabiaNazis want for this island, would require an installed capacity on this maths of 1.05E11 watts. 105 Gigawatts. That’s 117,000 of the same turbines, on the same duty cycle.

And before I’m ritually disembowelled (again) by some of our readers for dubbing greens Nazis, I re-apply that term to them here, as a renewal of my vows, as it were. Anna Bramwell, the contemporary high-priestess of GreeNazism, implicitly conflated the beliefs of the actual Nazis, of (not)fond memory with those of today’s Deep greens.

…and the gloves are really coming off now. Cold tea…

we must reheat our undrunk teas and coffees.

David Davis

Truly, if these people believe in this stuff, then it has become the secular amoralist void-filling-vulgate in place of “religion”, and they are thus purposefully-evil.

I wonder if “WRAP” is a fake-charity? Maybe it ought to be on the list.

I don’t think even the august People’s Democratic Leaders of the GDR would have dared to suggest that their slaves drink reheated coffee and tea…not as a direct instruction anyway: perhaps only owing to “capitalist-induced-shortages”, then.

Spend 30 years rubbishing Nuclear Power, then suddenly turn round

…and say to all the Orcs, GreeNazis, neopastoralists, ageing hippies and “Choice-Editors”  whom you have deliberately created, that “it is safe”.

David Davis

Then see if you are believed.

Most of us libertarians have always said it is, because it, well, er, is. Try comparing the death-toll of coal miners with that of nuclear workers and even sufferers from the after-effects of Chernobyl: Nuclear Energy still beats fossil fuels in spades for safety. But just wait for the massed protests, the sit-ins, the lying-down-in-front-of-bulldozers, that is going to happen now.

We may yet die, freezing in the dark.


Wildlife destruction: the result of neopastoral Green stalinism

Michael Winning

i like the word “neopastoral” that the Boss uses. I’ll do it some more.

If you go about, as a metropolitan Green-Nazi, hectoring country people on stuff which bugs them and their animals, and which they may not kill, they’ll do it behind your back. Badgers for example spread more TB to cattle now, than humans did to each other 100 years ago. So the best thing to do to a badger is to flatten it with a large spade, put it in a binliner, and let it go to the dustmen with the corn flake packets. Or if you’re here, just find a large bonfire or build your own. If all else fails, just run the buggers over with your tractor.

Flamethrowers are good against colonies of bats. Then you can restore your building which they were squatting in.

Look, we people want to farm and grow stuff. we don’t like being ordered to protect those beasts which get in our and your way.

(I hope thats got less typos in it, I’ve been told to be more careful!)

COPENHAGEN conference and greeNazis: preparing the world for food-rationing…

David Davis

It implies over at The Englishman’s Castle that the Global-Food-Management-Gestapo, the GFMGs (as they will now henceforth be known – here’s one who’s been hiding in the woodword for some time! Here’s another. They are mass-murderers who will try to invoke global food rationing and soon, starting in nations which they hate) while cleverly appearing to shoot themselves in the foot and perform what appear to be self-contradictory activities, so as to promote the effect of people wanting to minimize the importance of what they do, are actually following a clever and strategically-focussed agenda.

Surely, food is delightful, and absolute food is absolutely delightful? No?

Do follow the links of the Englishman to Lord Stern, English pigswill, and the Affair of the Coptic Pigs. If it was not frightening, it would be funny.